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  1. Baerthe

    Game's Title Screen

    So I made up this title screen for my project. (ignore the name difference between this and my signature...) head over to my deviant art  for full size (its 720)( )
  2. Baerthe

    Wallpapers and Backgrounds (Mine + Shares?) (Also Art Dump)

    Let share some backgrounds either of yours'  or others with credit! Please use outside links with previews, not posting or uploading a full images to the forum (its rude). Also, Zomboy! (This is a work I recently did) Zomboy = Awesome
  3. Baerthe

    SV vs FV

    So sideview versus frontview battle. I was thinking that thought side view has a cooler looking and more interesting feel, front view requires less investment in resource assets. So what are the total pros and cons of the two systems? I know of several games that deploy front-view in the...
  4. Baerthe

    The Enchiridion (Tutorials of Awesome) (Updated 2/19)

    So here I have a variety of tutorials! If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or feedback; then feel free to post 'em! If you use the tutorial, remember to like the thread! :) Game Over events; That is adding stuff to happen on a game over that is not the original go to title screen...
  5. Baerthe

    A signature?

    I have crafted for myself a "signature" of sorts. What does anyone think of such endeavour?
  6. Baerthe

    last used Enemy skills.

    What is or is there even a function to figure out the last skill an enemy used? I found the actor one, but can not find an enemy one.
  7. Baerthe

    Random Procedural Generation

    I am wondering if anyone has any idea on how to do Procedural generation of maps in Javascript or if anyone would be willing to try and make such a script. I have found one random map script, but it does not work well or with most tilesets... EDIT: so I have found some algorithms that...
  8. Baerthe

    Perma-Death in a long game...

    Would you play a game that is up to forty plus hours if, when you died, it deleted your save or extorted you for gold or perma-die? I have been debating whether to include this in a project of mine and it seems cruel but also a way to add a very real challenge to the game. What do you guys...
  9. Baerthe

    SHADOWS! Great and Wonderful!

    So I wanted to create more realistic shadows in my maps, so I created a tilesheet of additional shadow effects that work with the basic shadow brush. There are two sets listed in the sheet, one for walls and one for floors. It is suggested you "X" out movement for the wall ones or the player...
  10. Baerthe

    "Rock-Paper-Scissor" Attack Command

    Okay, bear with me here, I am trying to implement a change to the over all design of the battle system. What I am trying to do is replace the attack function for both NPCs and PCs to three or four options that act in a rock paper scissors like style. So for example let us say the menu lists...

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Just for the record you CAN use the "Exclude unused files" successfully to trim a project down seriously even if you're doing calls to various assets via plugins and such. BUT you need to do a full playtest of pretty much every option to ensure you did get every one of those other assets added in. Then I dumped the assets into a fresh copy of the project and yay it was like 400 Meg......
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