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  1. SaiScott

    SaiScott's Resource Edits

    Whenever I do edits for friends, no matter how minor, I'll post them here if i think others could make use of them too. Television (OFF) Must have RPG Maker MV legally to use. If you meet that requirement, use it however you wish. Do not credit me as I simply took out the screen and replaced...
  2. SaiScott

    "Actor Book" script

    I made an event system that allows for summoning actors into battle via a summon skill, and it removes the actor from the party after the battle ends. However, I have an issue. I'm unable to view the details of the actors since they're no longer in the party.  If there were just a few actors, I...
  3. SaiScott

    Character unlock & Character summon

    I would like a way for the player to unlock multiple characters that they can summon in battle via a skill. Once the skill is used, a menu would appear listing the face icons of all characters you've unlocked at the time, and you're able to select 1 to summon. Is this possible with events, or...
  4. SaiScott

    Browser Save File Questions

    I have a few questions regarding how the save file works in the browser. Where is the save file located? Does it get saved to the hosting server, or to the browser? Does clearing browser cache delete your save file? Is there a way to integrate save file with forums? By this, I mean could I...

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Just for the record you CAN use the "Exclude unused files" successfully to trim a project down seriously even if you're doing calls to various assets via plugins and such. BUT you need to do a full playtest of pretty much every option to ensure you did get every one of those other assets added in. Then I dumped the assets into a fresh copy of the project and yay it was like 400 Meg......
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If you've played Knight Shift Chapter 1 this image'll mean something to you. If not, that's also fine!
Here's a medical question for ya: Why do I start lightly coughing after I drink coffee?
Well, someone "reviewed" my game. Didn't credit me anywhere in the video and spent 2 minutes insulting it. Going to ignore that and move on.
To cut down on map lag, I've been researching how to implement a lighting layer as a single map overlay instead of a bunch of individual lights. Hopefully I'll have a screenshot soon!

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