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  1. Valryia

    Sprite Art to orient myself towards

    I'm in search for good sprite art to draw inspiration from. Currently, the best Art for me is from Terranigma, but i would be delighted to see some other offers. I add this link to have a reference for any users, since uploading spritesheets seem to be forbidden...
  2. Valryia

    Copyright insurance and German RPGMaker devs?

    Greetings, everyone. After unsuccessfully trying to inform myself about my problem, i wanted to try on these forums. Sorry if these questions were asked already, i couldn't find anything. First, is there a way to test my game - by another party - to prove that my game doesn't infringe any...
  3. Valryia

    Video Game Music literature, etc.

    Greetings, everyone. It is important to make good video game music, but my expertise is... subpar. That's why want to ask about recommended video game music literature / videos / similar (to make music). EDIT: Literature means "Books about making video gamemusic". I use fruity loops...
  4. Valryia

    Difficulty Settings, practical solution

    The crux of difficulty levels. The player doesn't know which to choose. And how could he? He hasn't played the game before. Even worse if they have to prove themselves towards others. So, i decided to give the player the option after an introductionary sequence, but in a more practical way -...
  5. Valryia

    Quick regeneration vs. resource management in RPG's

    Many RPG's nowadays implement an regeneration system. As in, wounds ( or any dertrimental effects ) are quickly healed. A example would be Final Fantasy XIII, where you recover all HP after each battle. Furthermore, defeat only means setback until just before the fight. In return, individual...
  6. Valryia

    Mission-based RPG

    I want to get away from the classic "follow a line" or "open world" RPG, and instead make an "mission based" RPG, which is in essence in the middle of the two extremes. A mission based RPG works as follows: - The player has a hub world. (Headquarters, etc.) These may change as the story...
  7. Valryia

    Non-battle gameplay (Puzzles, etc.)

    For me, this feels more like general discussion then game design to me, that's why i put it in this subforum. The majority of RPG's throw puzzles or minigames in as a "diversification". Probably because they all read the book "Level up" by Scott Rogers and took everything in there for...
  8. Valryia

    Quick battles 2

    This is a continuation of Quick battles: I continue here to ask in this forum if the problem that i have can be solved relativly easily, or do i have to go over to the javascript forums? I'm aiming for the following scenario: - Yanfly's charge turn battle (side-view) - I use the...
  9. Valryia

    Quick battles

    The premise: Speed is an important factor in our gaming society. In all games i can think of, your skill is determined by how fast a game is finished. Of course, skill isn't the only reason why we play. Still, speed is a factor which we all like, even among those us who don't like...
  10. Valryia

    What is the gold standard?

    What is the standard that makes an rpgmaker game good? When is it sellable, and what is a fair price? It seems that it is very hard to pin down. Or do i just feel that the players nowadys are insatiable? In case you don't know what the gold standard is, imagine a runner. Reaching the...
  11. Valryia

    Random chance

    Greetings everyone. Let me get straight to the point. I hate random chance. Whenever i never get an monster drop, a 99% hitrate misses, an monsters 1% instant death chance hits, or i see a casino in a game, i get a sour face. And so many games use these! I know that it's easier to use...
  12. Valryia

    Name of the experience system of FF8

    Greetings, i would like to know what the name of the experience system of FF8 / Suikoden is and if there is a way to implement it with yanfly's plugins or if there is a seperate plugin. For those who didn't play FF8 or suikoden, every level needs exactly 1000 exp, but depending on the...
  13. Valryia


    Greetings. I'm your local silent (and overly serious) guy, but i will still introduce myself proper. After much back and forth, i finally decided to get serious with RPG Maker MV. Yanfly & friends helped me greatly with that decicion, but so did my own personal Situation. I hope we will...

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