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  1. Fuchsilein

    I've hit a wall, Script Call with Array?

    Hi there! I'm trying to build a Deck logic for my game idea the following code work on my test fine but doesnt work as an script call in MV, can anyone say me why or what i have to change?
  2. Fuchsilein

    How to get a Random Pool of Attacks/Skills

    Hi! I'm pretty new to RPG Maker, got it when it was cheap and now have a lot of time to kill So I'm going to make a game... But with my concept I'm already hitting a wall... I kinda want to make a sort of card based combat system, while this does not have to be with cards already I'm stuck...
  3. Fuchsilein

    Fuchsilein's SV Weapon Animation Sheets

  4. Fuchsilein

    SImple Cloud Based Save

    I'm looking into this for a few day now and i just cant figure out how to hell you would make your game save his savegames online.. I can work with PHP and MySQL but i dont get along with JS .. So i kinda want a Plugin which would change to standard way of saving in the local storage into...

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Just for the record you CAN use the "Exclude unused files" successfully to trim a project down seriously even if you're doing calls to various assets via plugins and such. BUT you need to do a full playtest of pretty much every option to ensure you did get every one of those other assets added in. Then I dumped the assets into a fresh copy of the project and yay it was like 400 Meg......
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If you've played Knight Shift Chapter 1 this image'll mean something to you. If not, that's also fine!
Here's a medical question for ya: Why do I start lightly coughing after I drink coffee?
Well, someone "reviewed" my game. Didn't credit me anywhere in the video and spent 2 minutes insulting it. Going to ignore that and move on.
To cut down on map lag, I've been researching how to implement a lighting layer as a single map overlay instead of a bunch of individual lights. Hopefully I'll have a screenshot soon!

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