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  1. hmnut

    Don't Fear Coding... you know more than you think.

    I know a lot of you have no issue or fear of coding, good for you. But I also know a lot of people in the RPG Maker community do fear coding and scripting, and for years that was me. I recently decided I wanted to branch out of my safe RPG Maker bubble and try Unity. But when I look at their...
  2. hmnut

    RPG Maker Community... it's time we see other people

    Dear RPG Maker Community, After years of only using RPG Maker engines it's time for me to explore other engines out there. I am not a pro on RPG Maker nor do I think I will go to another engine and somehow become a pro. This is a hobby, it will stay a hobby, but I realize I will not grow even...
  3. hmnut

    Characters are starting with armor that is not initial armor set

    Characters, same class same initial armor set when added to the party have different armor. I can't find any rhyme or reason for this.
  4. hmnut

    Where do the SF Actors/People come from

    I'm sure this is a stupid question. I'm sure the answer is so simple I'm going to feel like an idiot for asking it, but I've searched this board, I've searched google. While I can find recolor's for 'SF_Actors and SF_People I can't find anywhere that says where they come from. Is it a update i...

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aww man, color hex code #C4C4C4 doesn't work for the tint value in this scene I need something darker, which stinks just because I liked that one it was my favorite plastic explosive three times...#696969 (nice) should work better (WHY IS MY BRAIN LIKE THIS)
Tell it to me straight, doc. If I've been trying to piece together a "shorter" game to learn stuff outside of game jams... am I just running away from my WIP? :v
Well, I've got a party tomorrow, and my friends are coming over. I wanted to work a bit on the Fandom Scouts assets so I can be ready when that update arrives... in other news, Pizza Time Horror is getting a second teaser, and it shows Cabaret Helen's last performance before the location closed.
Also who used to be scared of Chuck E as a kid? I was! Now I love him!
The new cards and what they do:

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