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  1. NocaToca

    RMMV Darkened Corners (Lovecraft-lite, Search and Puzzle Game)

    Even though I dont play many of horror games, I still will give my input, but I dont know how much you'll want to go be it. My favorite kind of puzzles usually involve using your surroundings. Like things that seem useless becoming useful to help you open a door or something, or it being...
  2. NocaToca

    RMMV Little game concept building!

    I think I have a few maybe good ideas Sidequest: You can have a sidequest have someone ask you to take down a really hard boss for a great reward. Like, it'll take a ton of resources and time to take down. However, you can just straight up lie and after leaving the area and coming back to the...
  3. NocaToca

    What are the most common traps newbie developers tend to fall for while making a project?

    Well, I tend to have big plans and cool ideas (to me) that I want to implement and see in action, that I tend to rush the bits up to that part. Though the most common is by far getting to ahead of yourself and thinking you can do much more than you can actually do without practicing. You should...
  4. NocaToca

    Survey for females

    1. What are your 3 favorite story based games? (can be either RPG or adventure) TESV Skyrim PMD Explorers of Sky FFXV 2. Who are your 3 favorite video game characters? (from any game) Wigglytuff (PMD) Captain Price(MW quite out of place) Booker (Bioshock Infinite) 3. Name your 3 favorite video...
  5. NocaToca

    Light The Flames - Puzzle Help

    I mean, theres not much more you can do with this, besides maybe having it so that all the flames die out if you take too many steps or have you have to lit the flames in a specific order. Basically you can just have it so you have to light one flame and not another, or light smaller flames...
  6. NocaToca

    Thoughts on being called an unqualified developer

    Game Design, I feel, is a lot like writing in tons of aspects and, just like writing, you dont need to have a degree or go get a good education to do it well. However, I wouldnt say going to college for game design is useless, but that's besides my point. Being "unqualified" is not something I...
  7. NocaToca

    Team reliant special move help

    Okay, I think I get what youre asking, but sorry if this isnt what you're looking for Though, in terms of using a unison attack move, that is both of them attack in one turn, I dont know how youd go about that without getting a plugin for it. But, you didnt mention that specifically, so I'll...
  8. NocaToca

    Question on Displaying Stats

    Ah! My bad! While that is kind of what I was getting at, it's not what I was originally going for. Though that's my fault for rushing the post. Being more specific, I need this for menus, basically. I dont need it for a HUD sort of thing, as I don't want it always displaying. (Also, I'm not sure...
  9. NocaToca

    Question on Displaying Stats

    So I know that you can use strings to display stats and gold and such via text boxes, but I'm just wondering if there could possibly be a way to do it without text boxes? This is because, in short, I want the information displayed on the screen like a picture, and not go away if the player hits...

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