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  1. Adding Graphical Assets to the Generator

    I managed to get the rear hair and front hair of a character to have different colors selectable by changing the filename of one of the RearHair files to use the "Hair Sub Color" segment (_m004) instead of the usual (_m003). Two-toned hair is definitely possible, but it would seem, only with the...
  2. Adding Graphical Assets to the Generator

    I did some toying around with the gradients file last night. I couldn't do anything to the file itself to increase or decrease the number of color options available in the program. In fact, the same number of color options are present even when the file doesn't exist in the appropriate folder...

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aww man, color hex code #C4C4C4 doesn't work for the tint value in this scene I need something darker, which stinks just because I liked that one it was my favorite plastic explosive three times...#696969 (nice) should work better (WHY IS MY BRAIN LIKE THIS)
Tell it to me straight, doc. If I've been trying to piece together a "shorter" game to learn stuff outside of game jams... am I just running away from my WIP? :v
Well, I've got a party tomorrow, and my friends are coming over. I wanted to work a bit on the Fandom Scouts assets so I can be ready when that update arrives... in other news, Pizza Time Horror is getting a second teaser, and it shows Cabaret Helen's last performance before the location closed.
Also who used to be scared of Chuck E as a kid? I was! Now I love him!
The new cards and what they do:

(I am clearly not a youtuber... Haha)

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