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  1. ArielWarrion


    File Type : .ogg and .midi (If you can) Description (A description of the scene/place where the music will be used):  "This Music is placed inside the Warrion Base, the music is more catchy and daily-like activity. Most of the people there are the Laboratorium staff, Resting Warrions, and...
  2. ArielWarrion

    [Closed] Plueschkatze's Art Corner

    @Plueschkatze Sorry for my rude language, Actually I like this....
  3. ArielWarrion

    [Closed] Plueschkatze's Art Corner

    @Plueschkatze Thanks, dude...
  4. ArielWarrion

    [Closed] Plueschkatze's Art Corner

    @Plueschkatze Oh yes, She's So strong at Battle. but actually she's gentle and lovely about childrens. She treats many childrens like her own child who was died during war. 
  5. ArielWarrion

    Alo's Artsy Stuff

    Slot 2, Please Reference/Detailed Description of Character:  His name is Gabriel Lunderblast. Desired Pose/Expression: I just want all the weapon he's have was removed and just use Beam Saber to Slash the Enemies. Examples of a Specific Art Style?: Like the Example one. Other...
  6. ArielWarrion

    [Closed] Plueschkatze's Art Corner

    Bust or Potrait one Please....!! About the Character I want to Request, I have 2 Characters :   Andria Stones. Age : 30 Height : 162 cm Weight : 78 kg (because her busts are too big and too heavy) Race : Synthroid Human Type Clan : Lunderblast (Actually)...
  7. ArielWarrion

    [OPEN] Atlas's Music Shop

    MEEEEEEE!!! I Want to make an Update for my game, Warrion Heroes!! (Although, The game is still indonesian Language, Sorry...) ------- Description: This is a new Battle Theme for Gabriel Lunderblast, Unlike his twin brother, He's likely gentle and so joyful, but sometimes he's kinda weird...
  8. ArielWarrion

    Maru's Resource-Collection

    Oh Yeah~ So Wonderful... Thanks for the Resource.....
  9. ArielWarrion

    N...No.... Kaus's... Stole my... Game Over Screen  And He Terrorize me...

    N...No.... Kaus's... Stole my... Game Over Screen  And He Terrorize me...
  10. ArielWarrion

    Magixe's Game Overs!

    Great... You have a cool game over screens...  
  11. ArielWarrion

    ArielWarrion's GameOver Screen Resource (For MV)

    Hi... Because the RPG Maker MV has been released so, I converted some the previous one (link here) into MV sized (816 x 624). I also added the newest game Over Screen Sample then. Sci-Fi Theme (Enlarged) : Sci-Fi Theme (Darker version) (New) :   Bloody Theme (Larger version) : ...
  12. ArielWarrion

    Can SOMEONE post download for "Missing Resources"?

    I agree with you, Iceshattered. I also have the issue with : - Incompleted Battlebacks (Specially for modern Battlebacks) - Incompleted Maps (Mostly in dungeon areas) - Missing Battlers That I don't know...  So... yeah... That was I know from MV Trial...
  13. ArielWarrion

    [UPDATED: April 11th 2017] The Sci-Fi Hangar| New Crate

    Cool.... Specially for the musics... 
  14. ArielWarrion


  15. ArielWarrion

    Have a Problem with my eyesight

    Have a Problem with my eyesight
  16. ArielWarrion

    ArielWarrion's GameOver Screen Resource

    Don't forget to Credits me and Axel295 for the font.
  17. ArielWarrion


  18. ArielWarrion

    ArielWarrion's GameOver Screen Resource

    UPDATE : Adding the Font Credits Hi... Maybe this is first time I posted my own made Game Over Screens.  Ok... This is it...  Warrion Heroes Game Over Screen (Of Course, It's From My Own Game I Make...)   Underwater Theme  Sci-Fi Theme Bloody Theme  Starlight Theme  Rules : 1. You...
  19. ArielWarrion

    Resource Blacklist - The resources you should definitly not use

    Yeah, this thread noticed me to make my own resource. Included my Game Over Sample. But somehow, I don't want to share it here because the rules.... :\
  20. ArielWarrion

    Aw... Man.... :[

    Aw... Man.... :[

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