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  1. MarxMayhem

    RMMV How to Check if Actor has no Weapons Equipped?

    As title says. I'm making a Monk-class like that from the Bravely series, and I'm trying to make states that checks if a user has no weapon. I know how to check if they have a specific weapon type or armor type, but I'm wondering if there's an easier way of doing this, instead of making the...
  2. MarxMayhem

    Considerations for Players with Motion Sickness?

    I'm unsure if this topic belongs here or in Game Mechanics, so I'll let mods move it to the proper place if so. I'm sure that we all reached that point in game making that we wanna make something as visually and audibly fascinating for our players. I have, specially since I alternate between...
  3. MarxMayhem

    RMMV Olivia's OTB: Turn Speed Calculation and Modifying It

    As title says. I wanna know if there's an option to change how Turn Speed is calculated when using Olivia's OTB. Plugin Parameters suggest that it is based on the battler's AGI (Static) or AGI with a random integer (Random). Responses are appreciated.
  4. MarxMayhem

    RMMV YEP Lunatic Mode that detects if actors or enemies are acting.

    As title says. Basically, I have a class with a state involves them gaining different effects depending on whose turn of the battle is (They gain X state on their party's turn, and Y state otherwise). However I have not found a way to make this exact function work. The best I've done is...
  5. MarxMayhem

    RMMV Changing Damage Type of Skill

    As title says. Not sure if this is possible, but I was wondering if there's an option to change the damage type of a skill (physical, magical, certain hit). I couldn't find anything on YEP, and there are mechanical reasons on why changing the element type instead would not suffice.
  6. MarxMayhem

    RMMV Referencing Party Position in Formulas?

    As title says. I'm aware that it was asked before, and Shaz posted an answer to it. However hisher solution did not work for me, the question remains unsolved, and I'm not comfortable with necroing that thread. Essentially, I'm thinking of modifying the TGR formula (via Yanfly's Special...
  7. MarxMayhem

    RMMV Olivia Plugins have Lunatic Mode?

    I apologize if this is not the right place to ask this, but this is the closest section I can find for this concern. Anyway, as title says. I have Olivia's Octopath plugins and am having a blast with them. There are things that I want to do with them, and Lunatic Mode typically has the answer...
  8. MarxMayhem

    RMMV [RESOLVED] Cannot use more than 6 custom animations with YED: Sideview Battler Enhancement

    As title says. I was looking into using YED: Sideview Battler Enhancement for my game so I have more frames to use. I was testing it with ripped game sprites first to make sure it works the way I wanted to, but after making the 7th animation, I can't seem to use that animation in-testing. I can...
  9. MarxMayhem

    [MV] Olivia's Boost Point System, but everyone uses the same pool of Boost Points?

    As title says. I am planning to adapt the Octopath Battle System with some twists, one of them is keeping the Boost feature but making it so everyone uses one pool of BP instead of having their own pools. Unless I missed something in the documentation, the plugin has no option to have only one...
  10. MarxMayhem

    RMMV Static Pixel Art as Enemies in Siveview?

    As title says. I don't have a game yet and I don't have enough stuff to warrant my own thread in the In Development forum, so I'm posting here for now. While what I'm making is what would be my first game, I want to make as much of my own assets as possible. This will include enemies. But as I...
  11. MarxMayhem

    [SOLVED?] Recreating Cover/Protect Ally from Final Fantasy with YEP?

    As title says. I really, really want this skill to be a reality. There was one guy who apparently had this figured out, but has since been inactive, so I can't exactly walk up to them. Now the good news is that Yanfly did make a Tips and Tricks video about the Aura of Sacrifice. This is...
  12. MarxMayhem

    [MV] Increase/Decrease Columns for Skills

    Hopefully I'm posting in the right place... In my game, I use a higher resolution than the MV default. As a result, there's a lot of vacant space in the Skills option with the default 2 columns. My request is to have an increased column count (at least 3) so the UI feels more compact and, if...
  13. MarxMayhem

    MarxMayhem's Art Dump and Struggles (Feedback Needed!)

    Because I can have my own thread, right? (Can I has two?) Welcome to my art thread. I guess I'll post here some works and let me know what you think! Current Topic: Pencil Art! Making my own spritesheet for my game, and I'd like to get feedback from people that may be looking at sprites all...
  14. MarxMayhem

    [MV] Multistrike System

    Hi everyone. I got a new request, though I don't need it for my game and am only wondering if this is possible/has been done before. In some mobile RPGs (I know KnightsChronicle has this), whenever a character would act, there is a chance that they will act one more time with their basic...
  15. MarxMayhem

    [Help] Applying a chance to inflict a debuff on skills/items

    As title says. I wanna make skills where they have a chance to inflict a debuff (ATK, DEF, MATK, MDEF, AGI, LUK) on a successful hit. MV's current option is to apply a debuff 100% of the time that skill hits (which is not something I want). An answer from an old thread says that I should just...
  16. MarxMayhem

    [MV][Help] Increase/Decrease Stats Based on Stacked States

    Yo. First post and I really didn't want a help thread to be it but I'm working on my own game and I have failed to get an answer from searching the forums. orz Anyway, I would like to assign states to increase/decrease parameters by certain amounts, then increasing those amounts by the number...

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