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  1. Dio_Brando

    RMMZ Visustella Party System - Replacing party info

    In VIsustella's party system, it enables me to have a party sorting system of some... sorts. However I am not too keen on showing just stats and "class" and thats it. What I want to remove is the statistics, and replace it with my traits from Visustella's Element and Trait core or combine...
  2. Dio_Brando

    RMMZ [Visustella] Armor or weapon stats increases based on traits

    Is it possible for an armor or weapon to have specific stats increase more (preferably by a percentage, so 3%) if it matches a trait its associated with? (example an evil character equipping evil armor would have their defense and magic stats increase more than normal)
  3. Dio_Brando

    RMMZ Weaknesses and Resisting indicator

    When i exploit a weakness (when an element is used that the enemy is weak to) I would like for it to say that under the damage And on opposite ends when I use something that the enemy is strong against it should say resist telling the player that they should stop usign that element.
  4. Dio_Brando

    RMMZ Visustella States/traits - Need a trait specific stat boost script

    That works on specific variable types. Basically, a 3% boost to all stats depending on a certain variable for skills or troops. Plugin:
  5. Dio_Brando

    RMMZ View trooper info

    I would like a plugin or some way to view trooper stats and weaknesses before battling.
  6. Dio_Brando

    RMMZ How do I MV to MZ? Yanfly's Libra

    Yanfly did this simple looking script in RPG Maker mv using skills core and visual HP Gauges. Is it possible to convert this to MZ with the new skill core by Visustella? MZ Plugins...
  7. Dio_Brando

    Saving in MZ/MV and the events

    I am currently using MZ but it also applies in MV. A big issue I had was saving. For some reason after editing an event and trying to try it out in a saved game, the event is still the same as it was when I saved it. I think new battlers, items or weapons wont appear either but i dont have a way...
  8. Dio_Brando

    RMMZ Enemy levels

    When I used MV, giving the levels only the party members had originally were pretty much a must. When I had Yanfly's enemy levels, I had easier times making variety enemies and stronger enemies without having to clone them. I want that kind of stuff in MZ. Its a must have.
  9. Dio_Brando

    RMMZ Resize face graphics and reposition them

    I want to resize face graphics because I find it extremely small and i want it to be bigger. Basically, I want to make my actors represent "cards" of some sort so I want the template for facesets to be bigger so the images can look better quality and have the battle faces above the HUD

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