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  1. Alessandro Alberti

    Help with Battle Design (CTB-TurnOrderDisplay and Hud Maker)

    Hello guys!! I had fun lately designing my battle system. However, I'm having several issues not knowing anything about scripting... I really would like to modify the script of CTB- Turn Order Display plugin in order to change few things. At the bottom of the picture you can see both the turn...
  2. Alessandro Alberti

    Menu HUD like smartphone interface

    Hello there! I'm looking for ways to design the menu of my game. What I would like is a HUD menu that could resemble the screen of a smartphone. Specifically, each command (equip., items...) must be shown with its personalized icon, time must be shown at the top of the screen (I have the...
  3. Alessandro Alberti

    Show SV Battler in Yanfly's EquipCore?

    Hello people, I was just starting to give a little personal touch to the Equip menu layout (I am using the SRD_Menu manager on Yanfly's Equip Core). I was wondering if there was a way to change the actor image showing in the Equip Window. Instead of the Face of the actor, I wanted to display the...
  4. Alessandro Alberti

    SRD_Character Creator-EX export problem on Android

    Hello everyone! I've exported my game with Xilefian's method. Some plugins were not compatible but fortunately they weren't fundamental for my game, so I've just erased them. However, I've had a problem of this sort also with SRD_CCEX, which instead is huge for my game. The plugin command...
  5. Alessandro Alberti

    Script call for Terrax Lighting?

    Hello there!! I'm trying to create a stealth mission for my game (with very bad results :guffaw:)! I'm using, as said, terrax lighting. The structure of the dungeon is the following: - The player must get from point A to point B passing through a hallway, which is guarded. - A guard is walking...
  6. Alessandro Alberti

    Range values for Variable?

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to create an event which works with a value-range of a variable? I'll be more specific. What I need is the last step to create a day/night system. I created a variable for hours. I then set that at 8 it will turn day, at 18 sunset, at 20 night and finally at 6...
  7. Alessandro Alberti

    Split battle Backgrounds

    Good day everyone, Some time ago I started having a quite annoying problem with the backgrounds in the battle screens. They all of a sudden were showing split in two, even if I didn’t changed anything in resolution or other screen features. My actual resolution is 1280x720. Does anybody have my...
  8. Alessandro Alberti

    Problems with CharacterCreatorEX

    Good evening everyone! I've got a problem with SRD_CharacterCreatorEX plug in. It worked perfectly fine until few days ago, but now it doesn't show the Character sprite I created when I put the <CustomCharacter: x> line in the event's notetag. I'm starting to think it's a script collision with...
  9. Alessandro Alberti

    Yanfly's Turn Order Display Plug-In Animation

    Hello folks, I've recently tried this yanfly's plug in my combat and... I loved it! The only thing is, in the enemy selection phase, the boxes drop down in the middle of the battlefield, covering the other commands. Can somebody please tell me how to correct the plug in in order to delete this...
  10. Alessandro Alberti

    Insert Input Actions

    Hello everyone, What I’m trying to do is to give for each command a specific keyboard input. Ex. Movement with WASD, skills with 1,2,3,4,5..., Open bag with B and so on. I’ve been looking for a Plug in but I wasn’t lucky. Could please somebody help me? Thank you ;)
  11. Alessandro Alberti

    How to end Cycles??

    Hi everyone! I'm having troubles figuring out what is supposed to be a simple issue. The thing is: I created an event on a beach that zooms out and let you see the landscape for indefinite time. I put a cycle with a Plugin Command (Plugin SRD_CameraCore) that shifts the camera from side to side...
  12. Alessandro Alberti

    SRD-Character Creator EX plugin inside SRD-HUD Maker plugin?

    Hello everyone, I need help solving this problem! I want to put in my game's HUD the actor face (so SRD-HUD Maker plugin would be perfect) but with the features provided by SRD-Character Creator EX plugin. Problem is, that it crashes if I try to. Could someone please help me with this one?
  13. Alessandro Alberti

    How to only change clothing in SRD-Character Creator?

    I have a big issue! I need to use the SRD-Dynamic Actor EX plugin, but I can't without letting the player change the pg graphics itself, with the SRD-Character Creator EX plugin. I so decided to let the player change only the clothing and other stuff without changing the actual physical...

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