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  1. Unique normal attack animations for different characters?

    Title says it all, really. Weapons can change the animation for when you attack an enemy, but I want to have it so that the default attack when you have no weapons equipped is different for each character.
  2. HRG by specific number?

    Title says it all, really. HRG parameter effects only really let you change things by percentage and I'm looking to have a HRG on a specific state remove a specific number of health every turn rather than just a percentage, and I'm gonna assume this needs a script.
  3. Making a health-powered state?

    I'm trying to make a powered-up state applied after using a 100 TP skill where one of the effects is that you can't be hit, but it drains your health while you're in the state until you're at 1 HP, and when you get to 1 HP the state is removed. I'm also considering having it be so that you can't...
  4. How to make Undertale-type sparing in battles?

    I'm trying to make the battles go like this:Being able to spare enemies after performing ACT commands, and having enemies have unique ACTs and things you need to do in the ACT menu to spare them. I'm putting this thread in this forum because it'll most likely need a script to be possible.
  5. How do I make text in a different font?

    Now, in this thread I don't mean changing the default font, I mean is there a bit of formatting to make specific text a different font, like how you can make text a different color? I have no idea what else to say or how to end this post.

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