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  1. LPMalakye

    Its been a while...

    Hello, It has been some time since I last used RPGM (Release of RMXP) I recently rejoined after the steam sales but after seeing the later RPGM releases I am kind of confused. I am sure its because I know little to nothing about the engines but why does it look like the graphical systems took...
  2. LPMalakye

    Is there a program...?

    I was wondering if anyone in the community knew of a program (if one even exists) that allows you to create Manga (or cut scenes) that has a lot of (or decent amount) resources ? Such as poses, emotions, postures etc? If not is there a site or something I can search up(don't know the correct...
  3. LPMalakye

    Hello Everyone ^_^

    Hello Everyone,    It has been a while since I ran RPG Maker last and I am looking to sort of make a comeback and re-experience it. I mostly was using RMXP and played a little bit with the newest VX/Ace but since it has been out for a while I figure theres a lot of resources and tutorials now...

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