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  1. Octotron

    Encryption Key Purpose

    So I don't know much about the deployment part of RPG Maker, so I want to know what the "Encryption Key" field does. I haven't found anybody explaining it before online, but I may have missed it. From my assumptions, you set a word like "Lorem" for instance, then enter it somewhere when...
  2. Octotron

    Failed to Load .png after Encryption

    So I have an encrypted RPG Maker MV project from August 2020, and I wanted to open it with my Version 1.6.2 editor. So all the files are .rpgmvp files, which works fine for running the game... But what if I need to update the MadeWithMv image for example? Well, if I import the original .png...
  3. Octotron

    50% Death State Resist Help

    I'm trying to make an equippable accessory that has a 50% state resist against death. I want to clarify if it means that when the actor is equipped with the accessory, the actor has a 50% to not die upon taking fatal damage.  

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