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  1. Kay_Erthisia

    RMMZ Jragyn's ABS (JABS) issues when switching out party members?

    So, I really want to use Jragyn's ABS (JABS) plugin to have a little ABS system in my game alongside VisuStella's Button Common Event Plugin so that I can have only 1 character battling at a time, but switch between them. (Think Character A uses a knockback, switch to B for a ranged attack for...
  2. Kay_Erthisia

    RMMZ [solved] Checking if a party member in a specific spot is dead or not?

    Hello again! This is a follow on from the script I mentioned in my previous thread. Basically, I'm using VisuStella's Common Event Button plugin to swap the positions of party members around for use in Jragyn's JABS plugin. This is the script I have been using: \\Checking Party size and...
  3. Kay_Erthisia

    RMMZ [Resolved(??)] Script for swapping formation of (multiple) party members? (MZ)

    So, I have read this previous thread on changing the party order. If I use: $gameParty.swapOrder(0, 1); It sucessfully swaps party members A and B. Yay! So what is the problem you ask? Well, if I have 3 party members, member 3 remains forever forgotten. :( (And if I have only 2...
  4. Kay_Erthisia

    RMMZ Disabling the Quest Tracker in the VisuStella Quest Log plugin?

    I'm using the VisuStella Quest Journal Plugin. Wiki Link: However, while I love the quest journal system itself, I really don't like the quest tracker. I don't think the tracker fits at all with the style of the game. Plus, I don't...
  5. Kay_Erthisia

    RMMV GALV's Timed Message Popups - how to change window size?

    Using this fantastic plugin by the illustrius GALV: I have changed the font of the text to be smaller in-game(Using the Yanfly messagecore /FS text note) However, the text box is now drawn far too large. Changing the padding to...

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