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  1. peq42_

    RMMV Performance issue with event spawning

    I'm making a game using Yanfly's event spawner( in a project of mine. As one of the side game modes, I've been making a tower defense, and on it there's an event that can be built by the player which is a tower that shoots arrows. Those arrows get...
  2. peq42_

    RMMV How to optimize this plugin(QAudio)?

    I'm using QAudio( on a project on RPG Maker MV(A game which requires constant event spawning using Yanfly's event spawner plugin) but it seems to be causing some issues. Judging by the performance tool on the devtools...
  3. peq42_

    How could me and you help the world?

    Its a fact that the world has many issues as is right now. And while it sometimes looks like we, common people, can't do anything about it, there always are ways to help the world by doing small things. So, in order to try and incentivise people to, and to know what more I could try, I decided...
  4. peq42_

    RMMV How to run a script before any normal event/common event?

    I've the need to run a specific line of code EXACTLY before any normal or common event runs in a given map. Anyone knows how to? This is for a project of mine, where I've the need to, after loading into a specific user-customized map, I need to be able to "turn off" node.js features, by running...
  5. peq42_

    Any way to port games containing node.js scripts to android?

    Title says it all. Anyone knows a method to export games made in MZ or MV that include node.js scripts to android? Majority of the methods I've seen are basically mini browsers that load your game, but browsers have no support for all th extra stuff node.js has, thus my game won't run
  6. peq42_

    RMMV live voice recognition library?

    Does anyone know a good voice recognition library that works with NW.js? The one most commonly used only works in chrome, not in chromium(which NW.js is based of)
  7. peq42_

    So, will MV ever get the promised features?

    I dont know if anyone remembers this but there were a TON of features promised for RPG Maker MV that never came out, and now we've a Paid DLC new version of RPG Maker and no updates on MV in forever. So... are...
  8. peq42_

    problem with input.isTriggered/isPressed?

    I'm trying to make a status window in my game that pops up when the player press TAB. My code is as follows: var $tab=undefined var keyconfig_alias = Scene_Map.prototype.updateScene; Scene_Map.prototype.updateScene = function() {
  9. peq42_

    Ideas for twitch integration with RPG Maker?

    The other day I found a plugin for twitch integration with games made using RM MV and decided I wanted to add it to my current or maybe a future project. After a lot of thinking though, I couldn't come up with that many good ideas on how to do that, so I decided to ask yall: what do you think...
  10. peq42_

    Server Tick VS Instant response

    For a game server, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each way of handling messages? I'm asking this because recently a friend of mine hosted a server for my game, but since he lives far away the ping is quite bad, so I've been trying to find ways to better synchronize all players and...
  11. peq42_

    Need help making a "fake window"

    Does someone know how the Window_Base does the drawing of the window using the Window.png picture? I would like to reproduce that without creating an actual window so I can draw something in the map that looks exactly the same as any other game window but that will behave in a different way
  12. peq42_

    Does MV render things outside of the camera view?

    My question is pretty simple but since I still dont understand very well how MV works "under the hood", and I couldn't find the answer on google, I felt I needed to ask: does MV render things outside of the area viewed by the game camera?
  13. peq42_

    Should I place websockets inside webworkers?

    One common use of multithreading in games is networking(usually because they've a system similar to javascript, where there's one mainloop that controls the drawings and the input read). So, considering that websockets add a bit more overhead than a normal TCP connection, and that I always do...
  14. peq42_

    reserveTransfer is deleting my bitmap/Sprite?

    I'm using the following code to draw text above some events, and update its position according to the event's position: $gameMap.event(this._eventId).bitmap = new Bitmap(120, 40); $gameMap.event(this._eventId).bitmap.outlineWidth = 2; $gameMap.event(this._eventId).bitmap.fontSize=14...
  15. peq42_

    Continue game execution when minimized?

    I've noticed that, for some reason, MV's games pause execution when minimized. Is there any way to change that? I need the game to continue running even when minimized because of certain things such as loading of custom maps. If a server in my game has a custom map and its hosted on a slow file...
  16. peq42_

    Change mouse icon while inside the game?

    I've been trying to change the mouse icon using CSS but, for some reason, if the player moves the mouse to outside the window and back inside, it goes back to the system's default. After testing it for a bit, I noticed it was happening because the mouse would quickly change to the resize cursor...
  17. peq42_

    How to make the player not change direction during movement?

    How can I make the player not change its direction during movement by input? I'm trying to change a bit the way MV works, making the player always look at the mouse position, but whenever I press a key to move, it quickly turns to the direction of the movement then back at the mouse position.
  18. peq42_

    Server with custom map: Self hosting or separate host?

    When making a game server, how people/enterprises usually deal with custom maps? Do they host it in the same server running the game? Do they host it in a separate file server(like a FTP or HTTP)? what is the best approach for such situation? This has been concerning me since I began looking...
  19. peq42_

    Yanfly Gamepadconfig isn't working?

    The default gamepadconfig menu plugin that comes with MV(made by yanfly) doesn't seem to be working. When I plug a controller(in my case, a PS2 controller + an adapter for PC. It works perfectly with everything else in the game) and try changing one of its buttons to do a different thing, the...
  20. peq42_

    Check if two buttons are being pressed at once?

    I'm trying to add gamepad support to a game of mine, but due to how limited the amount of buttons on it is, and the fact that I added extra commands to the game(such as fire, drop things,etc) I need a system capable of detecting two buttons pressed at once( and/or one being hold then the other...

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