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  1. ADMtn

    Deleted half a map with important events

    TLDR version: Accidentally cut the dimensions of an important map in half, deleting a bunch of complicated events. However, I had a backup on another computer and reverted to a slightly older version of that map. Going to keep more backups from now on. My current project utilizes a hub town, so...
  2. ADMtn

    How do you prefer to control music in your game?

    Some design questions regarding music (it's not about gameplay "mechanics," so I think General Discussion is the right forum for this): 1. Do you have music almost everywhere in your games (relatively common JRPG approach)? Or do you have more quiet moments, perhaps utilizing more ambient...
  3. ADMtn

    Every RPG Maker Game ~= New D&D Campaign

    This is how I currently feel about RPG Maker games, particularly those with ample use of RTP: Every game is simply another custom campaign created by another Dungeon Master. Its quality and home rules are dependant upon the individual DM and they can range from pretty horrible to incredibly...
  4. ADMtn

    Best and Favorite Plugins?

    Hello Community, I was making my first MV project with the idea that it'd be short, entirely RTP, and without the use of plugins. Then I realized that, because I've pre-ordered MZ, my first MV project could very well be my last. For that reason and more, I'm considering customizing the art...
  5. ADMtn

    [SOLVED] Is there a way to prevent clicking from moving the Player during Events?

    Hello RMMV Community, [Figured out my own solution, but I think Soulrender's solution below works as well. Going to rephrase my question so it's clearer--in case anyone else has the same question:] The Problem: During Events, when the designer intends the Player character to stay still...
  6. ADMtn

    RMMV Untitled Open-world RPG

    Untitled Open-world RPG Synopsis: The player takes on the role of an adventurer, one of eight gathered for a high-risk expedition. To prepare for their journey or simply to help out the locals, the player can take on Contracts (primarily optional side quests) brokered by the local taverns...
  7. ADMtn

    Anyone else delaying their project and waiting for RMMZ?

    So I've been creating art assets (characters & tile sets) and learning JavaScript (enough to make a simple custom menu with an in-game clock, so far) all for the sake of making an RPG Maker game that isn't obviously an RPG Maker game. I'm getting antsy and want to start with level/map design...
  8. ADMtn

    Experiences Customizing Everything (tiles, sprites, javascript)?

    Hello All, TLDR: I'm customizing as much as I can; does anyone have interesting insights and experiences customizing your RPG Maker projects? Been lurking around the forums recently (commenting here and there), but haven't started a string of my own. Kind of wanted to share what I've been up...

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