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  1. Tileset Gaps on Android

    I made new tests and the only thing I needed to work properly is PIXI.settings.PRECISION_FRAGMENT = PIXI.PRECISION.HIGH; before Scene_Boot in main.js file. My device's resolution screen is 2560x1440 and my game's resolution is 848x480 (for bigger sprites on the screen). Funny because I tried...
  2. Tileset Gaps on Android

    Indeed it's a device issue, @Dev_With_Coffee . On my device (Samsung S7 - Android 8.0.0) the glitch was gone with those PIXI settings. As far as I learned, it may be related with the interpolation when scaling the tiles to the device screen. It's frustrating to not know if the current PIXI...
  3. Tileset Gaps on Android

    I may have found the solution! It worked for me in this project. If you could test it, @Quexp , will save me some time in other projects deployment. The change is in Main.js file: Just before Scene_Boot, add these 3 lines of PIXI settings. In my case, the project resolution is 816x624...
  4. Tileset Gaps on Android

    Yes, I noticed that happens with all the trees... After create a new game, I just spread some trees / grass on the map and deployed to web. Like the issue is ocurring with images over each other. The tileset is the default RTP. Playtest on Windows and Chrome by XAMPP (localhost) are all fine...
  5. Tileset Gaps on Android

    Hi, everyone! Does anyone have a fix for the gap issue in tilesets when you deploy MZ games to Android? In MV I was able to fix it setting "canvas" rendering in Community_Basic.js plugin. I noticed that SceneManager.preferableRendererType method doesn't exist anymore in MZ rpg_managers file...
  6. RMMV Shop Plugin for Trade Equipped Armors and Weapons?

    Hi everyone! Could someone tell me if is there a store plugin that trades equipment? The shop menu has the option to buy or sell equipment, but not the option to exchange. For example: if the store's equipment costs 1000 gold and your hero has an equipment worth 700 gold, the exchange would...

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