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  1. Zak

    RMVX [RSE] Eremidia: An Empty Tome

    Finally had time to try it. I have known your project for a long time and I like the progress of the project so far. I have only two major issues with the game while playing the first time: The intro drags on but I think you could make it smoother by allowing the skips in the intro. Enemies...
  2. Zak

    How do I flip/mirror a picture without moving it from its current position?

    Yes, that's true. It's working now, thanks guys.
  3. Zak

    How do I flip/mirror a picture without moving it from its current position?

    Unfortunately still not working. The picture lands with the same position numbers somewhere else. Maybe it's bugged, honestly don't know what's wrong with it. Maybe I'll try it to bind to a variable later on but I need to read into this first I guess.
  4. Zak

    How do I flip/mirror a picture without moving it from its current position?

    This is exactly what I don't want to do. The picture may be mirrored but it moves from the spot away.
  5. Zak

    How do I flip/mirror a picture without moving it from its current position?

    Can't figure out how it works. :/
  6. Zak

    VX Ace to MV Converter

    I know how this feels now. Is it really that "impossible" to help us VX-users out and make a script for our games? I would like to move on with my VX-game to MV too and it's a really frustration experience right now that I can't. Converting from VX > Ace may work but this has to happen...
  7. Zak

    Screen Resolution for Visual Novel

    What would be the best resolution for loading the game into the browser or as a standalone game to download? Thanks!
  8. Zak

    Medieval and more!

    Degica Summer Sale.. when? :>
  9. Zak

    Has anyone played this title? (Terranigma for SNES)

    What makes Terranigma great is its story and the shocking moments. One of the best Action-RPGs on the Super Nintendo. Der Crysta-Theme (= Main Theme) is one of the true masterpieces of SNES Sound Engineering.
  10. Zak

    Steam Summer Sale!

    C'mon guys, let's do a Degica Summer Sale as well :/ missed the last sale and still yearn for a non-steam MV-version.
  11. Zak

    How do you make your game feel unique?

    A bit of everything. Story, Characters, Music (= Atmosphere) and even to a degree the graphic. It's important to focus on your strenghts and not that you pleasure everyone. You make the game for you and secondary for the players. It needs to have your personal note.
  12. Zak

    What things make an RPG Maker game stand out to you?

    That still doesn't change the fact that Toby and the Teemie-Artist made all by themself, ergo, it's a own style.
  13. Zak

    Dacian (Alpha demo update 2 available.)

    Try to port it when you finish the project. There's no need to rush now to MV. It even looks like that MV took two jumps backward for now.
  14. Zak

    What things make an RPG Maker game stand out to you?

    But Undertale uses custom-made graphics as far as I can judge. Therefore it has it's own unique style.
  15. Zak

    Veronica Mars: The Fan Game

    of course he did.
  16. Zak


    I think you will love me even more now when I tell you that I have all three Soundtrack CDs and the japanese guide here too. ;) Freaking love Lyle's Theme (2nd overworld theme), which was the reason I started VGM CDs. Yes, I agree. But the SMRPG 3D felt so strange, like they wanted to emulate...
  17. Zak


    Should you ever do 3D-isometric resources, just take a look at Land Stalker for the SEGA Mega Drive. :) Still love the game deeply.
  18. Zak


    tbh cel, it's too genre-specific. It screams for a arabian-themed game. ;) The logo needs to be neutral.
  19. Zak


    Ah, this is why he lurks around here. You're not subtle enough anymore, YF. -5 style points for you. But it's good to see that you will bring Melody to MV.
  20. Zak


    Let me put it this way: When Yanfly and Company won't do a complete rewrite of their scripts in a complete new language we're almost back in the stoneage again.

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