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  1. epicfoxlover

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Of course, pm me the discord link.
  2. epicfoxlover

    Hey Sauteed

    Hey Sauteed
  3. epicfoxlover

    Composer, Music Producer, Soung Designer.

    Composer, Music Producer, Soung Designer.
  4. epicfoxlover

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    I'm a music composer, sound designer and producer. I can do mixing and mastering too. Some of my works:
  5. epicfoxlover

    FREE Looking for a team of developers for a relatively short action RPG

    I'm a music composer if you need help with it
  6. epicfoxlover

    FREE Veyrra (a Sci-fi Fantasy RPG)

    I am a music composer interested on this project if you want one more composer.

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ok hear me out here: if the only way my brain can describe things is like with colors is this normal? Like I've described a smell as "dark green and fuzzy" and a taste as "dark blue" like is this a normal thing that happens to people or am I just going insane?? o.0
I'm sitting here, programming, when suddenly, in the distance, I hear a deep booming shout, "Dovahkiin". In an instant, my mind and body is pulling me away, my fingers twitch and notepad++, almost by itself, turns off. The Steam starts to rise and a big green play button appers and I am teleported to Skyrim, because, I am, the Dragonborn! 200 hours played last three weeks, omg o_O
Shora Lighting Plugin version 1.5 are out! Wanna add more features to it, but just fixing the bugs is already a pain :kaocry: .

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I wonder how one goes about picking a good font for a game. I find the default kinda lacking, but you gotta pick a font that's legible ya know.

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