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  1. myarichuk

    RMMZ Typescript and overriding Game_Actor class

    Hey everyone, I am thinking of extending Game_Actor class like this; it seems to work in a simple play-testing project without any dependencies. However, being a noob in Javascript and in RPG Maker, I am a bit worried this would conflict with the way some plugins are "injecting" their code into...
  2. myarichuk

    Opening a choice dialogue when inside the equip menu

    Hey everyone, RMMV noob here. Currently playing around with some ideas I have in my head and one of them was to create cursed weapons that would be powerful but have have a lasting detrimental effect on the player character (for example, while equipped, the weapon would slowly crush their soul...

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ok hear me out here: if the only way my brain can describe things is like with colors is this normal? Like I've described a smell as "dark green and fuzzy" and a taste as "dark blue" like is this a normal thing that happens to people or am I just going insane?? o.0
I'm sitting here, programming, when suddenly, in the distance, I hear a deep booming shout, "Dovahkiin". In an instant, my mind and body is pulling me away, my fingers twitch and notepad++, almost by itself, turns off. The Steam starts to rise and a big green play button appers and I am teleported to Skyrim, because, I am, the Dragonborn! 200 hours played last three weeks, omg o_O
Shora Lighting Plugin version 1.5 are out! Wanna add more features to it, but just fixing the bugs is already a pain :kaocry: .

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I wonder how one goes about picking a good font for a game. I find the default kinda lacking, but you gotta pick a font that's legible ya know.

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