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  1. ArturoPP

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Found another bug with Row Formation + Battle Engine Core: If on Battle Engine Core you set Step Distance to 0. When you use a skill that changes your row. It won't update to the new location until some other action triggers the update (like getting hit or somebody else using the same skill).
  2. ArturoPP

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I'm quoting my post from a previous page because I think it got unnoticed due to it needing mod approval, and by the time it got approved, people where already on a later page. Since then, I tried Battle Engine Core v1.28b too, same result.
  3. ArturoPP

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hi, Yanfly. Thanks for your great work.   Questions about Row Formations Plugin (v1.04):   1): Is the plugin supposed the require Battle Engine Core? Because the description makes it looks like it is optional, but if I don't have it, this plugin throws me the following error at startup:   ...

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Shora Lighting Plugin version 1.5 are out! Wanna add more features to it, but just fixing the bugs is already a pain :kaocry: .

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I wonder how one goes about picking a good font for a game. I find the default kinda lacking, but you gotta pick a font that's legible ya know.

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