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  1. redmedved2

    YEP Item synthesis as main crafting plugin

    Hi, I'd like to clarify some things about Yanfly's Item synthesis plugin. The plugin allows you to collect different crafting recipes around the world and then craft things with these recipes. But the main problem I think is that in the crafting menu there's always all categories of...
  2. redmedved2

    How do you set the time system

    I created a time system in my game that allows you to add many different features, such as dynamic change of lightning, time-based events and more. The event works quite simply, it's a parallel common event where 225 frames equal one game minute, and the game day is 1 hour and 30 minutes. But...
  3. redmedved2

    Crash to desktop

    I have received a lot of feedback in my game that at some point the game just crashes and shows this error: [1105/] WinHttpCrackUrl: The URL does not use a recognized protocol (0x2ee6) The problem is that not every players experienced that error...
  4. redmedved2

    Dialogue system

    In my dialogue system, there are many character events and for each one there is a variable that defines its dialogue. By default, the characters have dialogue variables equal to zero. But as you progress through the story, different variable values can be assigned to characters in quest events...
  5. redmedved2

    How to shorten words

    I wanted to sort the spells in my game somehow because there are 8 magic types, but since some are just really long, they all need to be standardized. So I decided to shorten them to 3 letters, but are there any rules for shortening words to 3 letters? I have no idea. Here's list of types...
  6. redmedved2

    Respawn similar events once per game day.

    There are mechanics in my game that allow you to collect different herbs to use in crafting. In fact, these are similar events scattered around different locations, and when you interact with them, you get one flower and the event disappears. But the game has a dynamic time change and all...
  7. redmedved2

    Show messages without restricting the player's actions.

    I use the YEP picture common event plugin. It displays an image in the corner of the screen, clicking on which shows/hides certain statistics. But the problem is that while the dialogue box is displayed, even if the event is parallel, the screen is blocked and you can only click to scroll...
  8. redmedved2

    Transferring dialogues from a document

    Hi, I recently decided to try the mass input feature (I hope it's called like that in English), which allows you to insert all the dialogues, written in a separate document, into the game messages. The only problem is that you still have to set the distance between the messages to show them in...
  9. redmedved2

    RMMV YEP message core

    In the tutorial for the plugin specified in the title flashed a frame where the message box, if I understand correctly, was stretched over the entire screen. I want to know how to achieve a similar effect, namely to create a text message with many lines(>4), transparent, and which will be the...
  10. redmedved2

    Text boxes style

    Despite the fact that I have already written quite a lot of dialogs for my game, I suddenly wondered how comfortable it is to perceive text in dialog boxes in general. And suddenly I thought, maybe there are certain unspoken rules for the design of text boxes. After all, for some reason some...
  11. redmedved2

    Spell books

    I want to create spellbooks that allows characters to learn different spells with these features: 1)Certain books can only be used by certain characters. if a character is using fire magic, he can't learn water magic spells. Note: there are 4 characters and everyone is using different magic...
  12. redmedved2

    RMMV State tooltip display for frontview battle system

    I am using the plugin called "State tooltip display" by Olivia that allows you to mouse over the state icon to see a dropdown description about this state. To be more accurate, I want to use it, but there are some issues. The plugin is designed for sideview battles and compatible with more of...
  13. redmedved2

    Advanced Elemental Magic System

    I think this system will probably be closest to Skyrim, but the point will be that the player will be able to develop his magic in the direction of several elemental schools. And the main features are as follows: - The player will get experience points of that element when using skills of the...
  14. redmedved2

    RMMV Hiding the enemy during it's turn

    I would like to know how you can temporarily hide the sprite of the enemy when he uses a special skill. In my game, there are static sprites and sprites for animations (like in the darkest dungeon, static pictures moving smoothly on the screen). So I need during special attacks of the enemy to...
  15. redmedved2

    Skeletons who rise up after defeat every game hour.

    I want to create opponents, let's say they are skeletons that crumble into bones after defeat, but every hour of the game time these bones are reassembled into a skeleton again. And to permanently kill them it is necessary to destroy the tombstone on the location, which causes their...
  16. redmedved2

    RMMV Show live2d characters in RPGM MV

    Honestly, after hours of searching and testing various plugins, I'm starting to think that all these videos with live2d characters on the screen of stock RPGM projects is just fake. These plugins are old and all the comments were posted years ago. Like live2d integration in RPGM is some...
  17. redmedved2

    1000 common events vs one absolute universal mega-common event

    Hi, I've recently discovered that there is a limit on common events in RPGM MV and it's like 1000. And this fact scared me a little because I'm working on a fairly long-term project and am used to group my variables and switches into groups by hundreds, so now I already have reserved space for...
  18. redmedved2

    Cutscene during battle

    When I try to create a cutscene during battle through battle events, that shows black screen and activates when my character hp drops below a certain level, I can still see the battle logs and the character health panel, which overlap any other pictures and effects. Tried to do it through a...
  19. redmedved2

    Creating advanced UI windows

    To begin with, I would like to say that I do not understand much about programming plugins, but I want to know how much plugins can expand the boundaries of the standard game interface. For example, is it possible with the help of plugins to create a custom window, with its completely unique...
  20. redmedved2

    Excessive memory usage

    Hi, I got some problems with my game, for while you play, the computer's memory usage grows more and more over time and can go over 1gb. I would like to know what are the common sources of such problems. And I will also attach a list of all the plugins I use, maybe some of them are the cause.

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