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  1. Philosophus Vagus

    Another farewell

    Just letting the few people who care one way or another know that I'm moving on to other things. Been a long time coming really as I've not made any progress on my game in over a year at this point, I keep pretending I'll come back to it but I really don't, and end up using this forum more as...
  2. Philosophus Vagus

    The Songs that never get old...

    So I know we have a couple of music threads out there already: favorite music, music to make games to, favorite genres etc. Anyway, yesterday my brother and I got into an interesting discussion about the songs that don't get old. See music generally evokes an emotional response of some kind, and...
  3. Philosophus Vagus

    RMMV Believably conversing with completely foreign entities

    First off, I'm not entirely certain whether this belongs here or in general discussion, though I think here since it's mostly focused on my own game than just a general idea, however it does kind of scratch at the border of general ideas in some respects so if it needs to be moved, so be it, but...
  4. Philosophus Vagus

    Suddenly getting email alerts for every thread I post in regardless of preferences

    For some reason I have been receiving email notifications every single time that any thread I have previously posted in has a new post, this has only been going on for one day so far, but because these forums are fairly active and my phone chimes every time I get an email it has gotten rather...

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