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  1. RebirthBlaze

    show picture based on low MP/HP

    In rpg maker vx ace, Is there any way in eventing or scripting if need be in a non battle environment , to show pictures when your mp/hp is low? say for instance you have 1000 MP/HP, and when you get to 400 you can show pictures until you get your mana/ hp back up to a decent amount?
  2. RebirthBlaze

    Drawing outside battle and menu Mp,Hp,or Tp gauges or bars using script.

    Hey guys! hope everyone had a wonderful THANKSGIVING, and I hope you guys are doing blessed and well who ever read this and to those that don't. Well I was wondering if anyone could show me how to draw HP or MP bar outside of battle and outside of the main menu for Rpg Maker Vx ace using...
  3. RebirthBlaze

    Horror Title Theme background

    Hello, I am faily new to the forums and I am currently creating a new Rpg horror game in vx and I'm not that good at art. I was wondering if anybody could be willing to make a free Horrific title screen background. I would really appreciate any help while im learning ruby scripting :D!  I...
  4. RebirthBlaze

    Title screen overlaps load screen

    Hi, Nice to meet you all! I'm fairly new to this forum and rpg maker VXA, this will be my very first Inquiry post hahah :D so I'm excited!  I myself am a beginner scriptor and I was watching this tutorial vid on how to create somewhat of a custom background (video will be at end), using the...

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