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  1. Bogo

    What's the Point of All Those Encounters?

    Everything has to evolve and so do JRPGs. In my opinion, random encounters are slowly becoming a thing of the past. It was fun once, when I didn't mind spending hours and hours on repetitive fights, but things have changed, world goes forward and I have seen so many new, great and more...
  2. Bogo

    Need advice for events

    I have to agree, that you need to spend some time on the tutorials, there are plenty on the web. You have to do some learning, before you start bigger project. If not - you will be constantly making mistakes and waste your time on fixing them or learning new stuff and your work routine will be a...
  3. Bogo

    Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse (Available now!)

    pretty, stylish graphics and adorable characters;) Good luck
  4. Bogo

    Bleeding Moons (demo available)

    screenshots look really nice and concept is interesting. Dowloading now.
  5. Bogo

    RMXP Amidst the Cold Night

    I played your game for about an hour and a half (I will play it more) and it was good. It's not like I would not suggest any improvements, for example masp could have been more detailed and some interactions are not intuitive, but overall it's a nice experience, with well-suited soundtrack...
  6. Bogo

    RMXP Erayu

    Oh, I know this game;) It's really good and I recommend it to everyone, guys. Give it a try.
  7. Bogo

    RMXP Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    looks nice, good map design and some new additions to the RTP - right way to go;) good luck on your project!

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