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  1. YSP_VideoPlayer

    Can you show me your scripts?
  2. YSP_VideoPlayer

    already did. still didn't give anything
  3. YSP_VideoPlayer

    I'll fix it now. thanx @Andar The error is no longer present but the video didnt appear.
  4. YSP_VideoPlayer

    here it is. sorry.
  5. YSP_VideoPlayer

    I already remove the space but it still give an error SCRIPT CALL ERROR /C:/Users/USER/Documents/Games/SaviorQuest/js/plugins/YEP_CommonEventMenu.js:1287 ysp.VideoPlayer.loadVideo(rideslow.webm) /C:/Users/USER/Documents/Games/SaviorQuest/js/plugins/YEP_CommonEventMenu.js:1288 ReferenceError...
  6. YSP_VideoPlayer

    RPG Maker Version 1.5.2 updates loaded pixi.js:27682 PixiJS 4.5.4 - ✰ WebGL ✰ ♥♥♥ /C:/Users/USER/Documents/Games/Savior%20Quest/js/plugins/YEP_CommonEventMenu.js:1286 SCRIPT CALL ERROR...
  7. Iavra Gif

    how can I execute this? using plugin ommand, show picture, anything? because it doesnt seems to work. is there's any video tutorial or something?

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