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  1. xiamumomo


    Because I recently started to draw tiles myself, but I don't know why there will be an interval after the autotiles I made are drawn. At least A2 is no problem. If I need PSD files in the production process, ask me. I should have no problem following the tutorial ==This is the floor tiles A2 I made
  2. xiamumomo

    Ponds and rivers without water---tilesets

    I found that no one made tiles about the drought of ponds and rivers, so I did these four in the afternoon. Maybe my later project needs other tiles of this kind, and I will continue to make them and add them to this link,I am not good at painting. You can give me suggestions and opinions to...
  3. xiamumomo

    All kinds of animated slime battler

    I suddenly wanted to make a game to train slime, so I only made this picture. Later, I will make different slime pictures one after another. The basic form can be completed for me, but the human form is very difficult, but I can complete it. If I can't finish it, I hope someone will help me...
  4. xiamumomo

    MV script usage

    Yesterday, I thought that a user consumed 20% of his MHP and restored 20% of his MHP for the team, but this script seems to be unusable in battle. Once used, an error will be displayed, and there will be no error in other places var c = $gameParty._targetActorId var b = $ var...

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