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  1. Liftyfied

    A question about switches...I think.

    If you want a more realistic tutorial, here's the link: Credit to ByBibo for the tutorial.:thumbsup-left:
  2. Liftyfied

    Creating an elevator event

    It works 95% for me because when I go to another floor the elevator door stays open and I press the switch, it does the ding but I can't enter the elevator. EDIT I forgot to edit some self-switches. :guffaw:lol
  3. Liftyfied

    Kentaro's MV Edits and Stuff

    To be your first time it looks very good for a spooky or enhanced forest.:)
  4. Liftyfied

    Whtdragon's icons

    K thanks, I have GIMP 2 installed on my PC. :):)
  5. Liftyfied

    Whtdragon's icons

    Can you remove the transparent frame on the icons, please? It would be good:) (It's my first post lol)

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