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  1. how to make floating events float over pits that players can't

    Hello, I'm looking for a script to let events moving to be able to pass over certain tiles that the player cannot, but NOT be able to go through walls.  For instance I have an aviary with holes in the floor and birds on random movement.  I want the birds to be able to fly over the holes, but...
  2. Trying to get a hookshot to work

    I ended up getting it to work with the following:  #============================================================================== # Hookshot System # by VelvetIsis #------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. Trying to get a hookshot to work

    I'm trying to get a hookshot for my game and have got it kinda working.  I have an invisible event that I call with a common event using Yanfly's button common events.  Originally I used move route to move it forward 5 paces and back 5 paces, but I ran into the problem that if it hit a wall...

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Trying to get the mechanics down for a cute, story-driven board game! I think I've accomplished dice movement, item effects, and activating a space's event when you land on it. Art is WIP. Hope to open a thread about the game soon!

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