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  1. Melosx

    [MSX] Alphabetical Sort

    MSX_AlphabeticalSort v1.0 Melosx Features This plugin allow the user to sort items in inventory and skill learned. Screenshots How to Use Demo - Plugin Download MSX_AlphabeticalSort (Right-click -> Save link as) Changelog Credit and Thanks- MelosxAuthor's Notes-...
  2. Melosx

    Incoherence in database values aka "What's wrong with MV Database??"

    I've noticed a "problem/bug/something" with MV Database. Working on an Helmet i set the Crit Eva to +0.72%. Now the program changed it to 0.7% while in the traits list it show me 0.6%.Saving the project and exploring the relative json I see that the param saved have a value of...
  3. Melosx

    YEP 33 Armor Scaling - Some question

    Hi, I have some question about that script. First of all, on the base armor formula(default def / 2) I can only use def/mdf or can combine with other params, example def/2 + agi/2? Now, assuming that I'm using default formula, if in battle a skill/item/status change the def/mdf of the...
  4. Melosx

    [MSX] Inventory Categories

    MSX_InventoryCategories v2.0 Introduction I asked for this previously but then I said "Meh, is better if I do this myself" and... ta-dah!! :) Features This plugin allow you to add new categories in your inventory. Also provide a notetag to set the correct category for items, weapons...
  5. Melosx

    More inventory categories

    Hi all.  I'm looking for a way to add more categories on my inventory (example: crafting items, consumables, misc) and, obviously, a way to set the correct category for the item.  Thank you for your help :)
  6. Melosx

    Issues on applying state

    Heyyo :) That's the problem.  I've two skill, the classic Attack stance and Defense stance. Both apply their respective state. But not ever, in fact the two skill miss the target(the actor) sometimes. Is also very hard to switch from attack to defense because defense stance skill miss...
  7. Melosx

    Skill damage question

    Hi all!  My question is simple. Is there a way for a skill to increase the damage of x% if the target have a certain state?  An example : if target have stun state the skill BANANA have 10% more damage. 

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