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  1. Game with no character levels

    AWSOME!! thanks alot for the assistance you two! =]
  2. Game with no character levels

    .....i dunno what this is or how you suggest i use it or what its intended to do? XD sorry as i said very new to this. this sounds very promising =3 thanks. any good places to look for UI plugin ??
  3. Game with no character levels

    yeah that's an option i am aware, was more wondering if there was way to do away with levels and character experience completely so its not *Character A - LvL 1/99 (and never levels up)* or at end of every battle " 0 EXP!! "
  4. Game with no character levels

    HI! new to rpg maker MV and havent used any older rpg makers in aloooong time, working on a game idea but one major issue is for the game i have planed i need to remove character levels & character experience.... but i have no idea where to even begin with doing such a thing any help or advise...

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