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  1. Might as well say hi!

    Hi! I'm Reta.  Okay why is the default font a sans?  I'm a college student majoring in Computer engineering, blah blah blah, started working on MV plugins. To be totally honest I am only posting here so there is a higher chance a moderator will see this and approve this and my plugin...
  2. [Dev][0.2.0] Layered Actor Sprites - Edited 4-26-16 - Now with Images!

    Layered Actor Sprites v0.2.0   Pastebin: [Link] Please Check the Readme section of post before using. Well I finally decided to get to posting this for criticisms and the like so here it is. Currently this script has MANY flaws. I doubt it is compatible with the majority...

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Trying to get the mechanics down for a cute, story-driven board game! I think I've accomplished dice movement, item effects, and activating a space's event when you land on it. Art is WIP. Hope to open a thread about the game soon!

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