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  1. TwilightKnight1

    Statistical Problems!

    I'm having an issue with RPG Maker MV, for some reason whenever I playtest my current game the stats are reduced by 25%! so if the character has 100 Endurance/Defense, its reduced to 75 x.x I have no clue why its happening. I know its some sort of a plug-in problem, or maybe a combo-wombo of...
  2. TwilightKnight1

    Stat Reverse

    So in Persona Q there are these 'reverse' accessories that would swap a certain stat with another while said accessory is equipped. (Example: St-Ma reverse would switch Strength and Magic, so 40 strength and 20 magic becomes 20 strength and 40 magic) I bring this up because I want to do...
  3. TwilightKnight1

    Power/Mind Charge help

    Hiya! Let's cut to the chase. I want my character in the project I'm working on to use a spell that triples the power of the next spell/physical skill they use. Similar to the spells Mind and Power charge in Persona 3, 4, Q, and maybe 1 and 2, I haven't seen them sooo... yeah... Anyone now how...
  4. TwilightKnight1

    Battle openings

    Does anyone know a way to have a battle open with a special battle opening? Like, say you're fighting a Frog King as a boss fight. I want the fight to initiate with 'The Frog King hops into battle!' anyone know a way?
  5. TwilightKnight1

    Wish For A Better Tan

    back in RPG Maker VX Ace, the character generator had a really really nice Tan skin, but MV's is very odd and incosistent. For reference, I'm thinking of the first skin tone of the second row for MV.  Anyone know of a fix or if someone made a better tan? I liked the tan skin :c
  6. TwilightKnight1


    Hello everyone, I've noticed that Dual-Wielding is quite inflexible, being that the second slot is entirely a weapon slot. What I want is the second slot to be an 'offhand' which will be able to use shields, and weapons without the rigidness of dual-wield or no dual-wield. so if the actor can...
  7. TwilightKnight1

    Does anyone know how to add encounters?

    Alright, so for a game I'm fiddling around with, I wanted to know if there was a way to add certain encounters to a map and their weight in comparison to other enemies? Here's an example: Party starts in room one, they go into room two in room two, they flip a switch when said switch is...
  8. TwilightKnight1

    EXP and Gold doubling script

    Hello everyone :3 I am looking for a script that can give two stats a new function, in addition to their current ones. so, the stats I want to have these new features are AGI and LUK What I want this script to do is pool the AGI and LUK stats of everyone in battle, and use these for a...
  9. TwilightKnight1

    Different Critical Quotes

    Hello peeps. I was wondering if anyone knew of a script that could allow you to change what a skill's critical quote/message was. For example, if you wanted your heal to say: 'a crap ton of health was restored' when it criticaled, and you were able to set it up as: <critical: 1> and 1 through...
  10. TwilightKnight1

    Revive somewhere when you die

    Okay, so in VX Ace, when you die it goes to the game over, but I want the player to be teleported to an inn or something when you die. I know how to do this with visible encounters, but the game I'm making currently has random encounters. Anyone know how I can do this?^^;;

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