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  1. nathkyo

    add update for show text adding a menu for shortcuts The control characters in MZ

    if by your logic. why did they put the insert color index and icon index. they should just remove those options. and seeing as you're an expert and can remember all the different commands maybe they should remove the control characters pop up as well which might mention I add disappears once...
  2. nathkyo

    add update for show text adding a menu for shortcuts The control characters in MZ

    I think it might be a good idea to add shortcut menu for control characters . making it easier to quickly control characters to be used. just scroll down too to the control character you need click. and then it adds it to the window all you need to do then is add your the Pacific number , item...
  3. nathkyo

    Steam RPG maker MV crashing at startup [Solved]

    I found the problem it has to do with the wmi Repository I watched this video and it fixed it like a charm.
  4. nathkyo

    Steam RPG maker MV crashing at startup [Solved]

    I've ended everything in the background the only thing I have left is Windows processes
  5. nathkyo

    Steam RPG maker MV crashing at startup [Solved]

    I have been trying for the last three days to fix RPG maker MV. I have uninstalled the Software ,uninstalled steam, restarted my computer numerous, times changed my language, cleared my cash have done everything backwards and forwards. verified my files checked my pathway everything should be...
  6. nathkyo

    A plug-in for MV to convert files back to VX Ace.

    Recently I went through my VX projects and stumbled across an old project that I have been working on. Since I had VX Ace. unfortunately I lost the project and some of the maps are larger than mv will support. is there a way to create a plug-in to go back so I might be able to edit the maps down...
  7. nathkyo

    Actors Friendship System

    I was wondering if it was possible. Could you set up the plug-in To have a title on the level of friendship that you reach currently and if there was a way to lock it. so no matter if you do something that should decrease it that level of friendship will remain. Sort of like once your friends...
  8. nathkyo

    RPG maker's deleting files when importing

    I've been editing and working with the character generator. after a few times of changing and adding characters to character sheets. The character will not show up and when I try to reimport the character she it will completely delete the file and everything I've done.
  9. nathkyo

    Queen Elf

    I have a special character I need for My game. this character is a Queen  Elf but I wanted to look exactly like this picture except for one alteration the hair needs to be  the color pink if it's possible I need to face graphics as well with different expressions. Like angry, sad, surprise...
  10. nathkyo

    Transparent Sprites

    another cool idea would be add a transition transparency like the spray slowly disappears then is completely transparent. It would be cool for death scenes of characters 
  11. nathkyo

    V's Relationship/Bio Window v2.4

    hey I know you done with the script but I had an idea. I wanted to see what you thought of this window as you can see in the window I thought that it would be cool to change the current feeling status to growing or losing feelings  rather than like or disliked. and And I thought of adding a...
  12. nathkyo

    Napoleon's Minimap

    I wanted to say thank you to you guys for your help . I have some idea on editing that's not the problem in getting the image and lining it up just right with the next one. I did have an idea to get around the whole harbor issue just simply draw a map in real life and overlay it and have it be...
  13. nathkyo

    Napoleon's Minimap

    unfortunately his script doesn't work it only works for for my my town and smaller maps.  the larger harbor map to big for his script. and I had one idea for the script make a settings area accessible from the menu to toggle directions on the map like the directional's North East South West...
  14. nathkyo

    Napoleon's Minimap

    how do you get the map images and how big is too big for the map? for my main town in my game as 190 by 202  tile spaces wide  it even has a larger map which is 500 by 444 tiles faces wide  I've had people play tested and they said I needed a map
  15. nathkyo

    V's Relationship/Bio Window v2.4

    hey I saw another problem I didn't notice the first time I played it. if there are no relationships the relationship that he is still able to be clicked on but does nothing. some people might think it's a glitch.if you still wanted to access the menu it might be a good idea to just put a window...
  16. nathkyo

    V's Relationship/Bio Window v2.4

    the script made it look like you could go beyond 12 even though it's impossible just thought I would point it out.
  17. nathkyo

    V's Relationship/Bio Window v2.4

    no problem. but all in all it's pretty cool scripts. I've seen a couple other relationship scripts and this one is very versatile . a very customizable  
  18. nathkyo

    V's Relationship/Bio Window v2.4

    okay I found it   elsif Input.trigger?(:C) && varnum >= 100 && $game_variables[$game_system.relationship_info[id][:var_level_id]] < 12 && Use_Leveling_System $game_variables[$game_system.relationship_info[id][:var_id]] = 0 unless Use_Polarities...
  19. nathkyo

    V's Relationship/Bio Window v2.4

    I have Narrowed down to a problem with the cursor sound or the closing sound. when the bar hit the maximal amount of stars you can get on a relationship. And it gives you the gift it doesn't stop you making a very knowing sound I've even updated it with the new script.

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