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  1. Josey

    DAN's XP Stuffs

    Hi! The pictures are unfortunately not to be seen, photobucket must now be paid, so you can integrate the pictures. Would you upload the pictures somewhere else, please? I would like to see them and maybe use them :) Josey~
  2. Josey

    Animated RTP Monster Characters

    Thats so awsome! : D I would be very happy, if you make animated versions of 058-Snake04 and 074-Bird04! : D Thats monsters, I used very often. (Sorry, my english is very bad T_T I hope, you can understand, what I've mean.)

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tfw you're turning old af concept art into a workable game asset (ΦωΦ)


Working on its arm and other leg. boy oh boy getting this thing to move is going to be *fun*
Hi everyone, thanks for reading :kaoswt:
I have a channel for you, An RPG MAKER MV plugin tutorial on YouTube:kaojoy:
Any supports'll be appreciated and I hope you have a great day:wink:

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