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  1. boldpaste2

    Party Gambits

    For the type of battle system RPG maker uses in general, I am surprised I haven't found a script (or in this case plugin) that would utilize a gambit system. For those that have played Final Fantasy 12, you probably know what I am talking about. If not, here is a basic explanation of what it is...
  2. boldpaste2

    The Dragon Heretics: Awakening (Official Announcement) (Demo)

    Hello everyone! It has been a long time coming but I am finally ready to release my demo and officially announce The Dragon Heretics Awakening! What’s with the awakening part of the name? Well, The Dragon Heretics already exists and to be honest, I’m embarrassed to have released a train wreck of...
  3. boldpaste2

    How do you call a specific method in a class that has been aliased?

    I was wondering how I can manually reinitialize a class within a script. I am trying to call a part of Khas sapphire engine to reinitialize because the normal means of how it works is never used. Pretty much, this class is used to change the graphic of weapon when it is equipped. (and going...
  4. boldpaste2

    Changing self switches within another script.

    Hey guys I am trying to edit Yanfly Chase Event so I can change event page based on whether the event is chasing the player or not. Why would I need to do this? My project has a boatload of parallel process events on enemies to control their ai. Because of this, I had to create a way to put...
  5. boldpaste2

    External Achievements (Full Script)

    External Achievements V1 Created by AdiktuzMiko Commissioned and maintained by boldpaste2 (Script posted with the permission of the author)   Overview This script adds the ability to place achievements into games and stores the data outside of saves so the data will be remembered even if the...
  6. boldpaste2

    This custom script (mostly) works...

    I am trying to add several windows to the menu including location and 4 different currencies (or points) based on a variable. I pretty much got it functional but there is one problem I can't seem to crack. I am trying to specify two separate fonts for the currencies and the map name. The map...
  7. boldpaste2

    Lunatic Background Addon Help

    I could use some help to getting this addon working correctly. I thought about crafting a Final Fantasy 10 based menu by using lunatic background to simulate the water effect that goes across the menu however, I am met with a problem. No matter how I configure the addon, I always get a black...
  8. boldpaste2

    File Corruption Adverse Effects

    So there I was, working on my project for several hours feeling confident in all the work I have put in. I press the save button then the unexpected happened! Every developers worst nightmare! The blue screen of death! Da da daaaaaa! Ok, shifting onto a more serious note, I rebooted and went to...
  9. boldpaste2

    Mechanics to Random Chest Loots

    First off, If I posted in the wrong section I apologize in advance. I never seem to choose the correct sections. xD So I was looking for some feedback regarding the mechanics to a system for chests to drop randomized loot (to keep the game interesting). I was told that it deserves a thread and...
  10. boldpaste2

    Battle System for TDH: Battler Issue

    Hey folks, I have been putting off the battle system for my project for a while now because I was extremely conflicted on what battler style that would work for a SBS battle system. I have tried all sorts of battlers and I really could not find any that would work. Because I really can't come...
  11. boldpaste2

    Yami CATB

    Hey DoubleX Would you mind posting a screenshot on how these scripts are arranged? I tried putting CATB Compatibility and the CATB script itself in different orders and location but I can't get the config part pasted into BATTLER_HUD to take effect. Thanks! Edit: Scratch that, I got it :3
  12. boldpaste2

    Luna Menus: Sharing and Feedback!

    Hey guys! I wanted to create a thread where users can share and get feedback on their work in progress menus. This thread kind of works like the Game & Map Screenshots thread but instead of maps, this one is dedicated to menus (The same rules apply as well, I’ll list them below). Another thing...
  13. boldpaste2

    Giant Moon!

    I had a killer headache so I decided to work on something to help get my mind off it. I feel better now :D . Any who, I made a REALLY big moon. I tried several techniques to get this and it was not easy. The license on this is CC by "knock yourself out". =) (in other words, you can use it for...
  14. boldpaste2

    Making Custom Title Screens With Events

    NOTE: All graphical resources, sound effects, and music in the demo are not ok to use on ANY project (commercial or free) as they are private resources. Scripts are fine because those are public resources.   Hey fellers,   Since my status update that had a SS of the title screen I had going, I...
  15. boldpaste2

    Method to overriding movement controls?

    Lets see how I can best explain this. xD I am trying to make a mini game where the map is scrolling and if the player falls off the map its game over. I got the whole scroll map and falling off the map part working. The problems lies in player movement however. I was wondering if there was a...
  16. boldpaste2

    Trying to find this "Log" Script.

    I know I saw it before but now I cannot seem to locate it or remember what it was called. It might have been in ReStaff a long time ago. I'm pretty much looking for a script that functions similar to Yanfly gab message. It pretty much puts texts on screen where you can change the fonts and...
  17. boldpaste2

    Scripts Incompatible with Luna Engine

    I am going to start generating a list here of scripts that are not compatible with Luna Engine. Scripts that modify "Menus" or "Windows" are most likely the ones to cause issues in compatibility. Because there are so many scripts out there already, It's about impossible to check them all so if...
  18. boldpaste2

    The Dragon Heretics on Steam Greenlight!

    Pausing green light temporarily After watching the statistics and gathering feedback from the users, it’s clear me and Glenn need to work on our presentation and the project itself a bit more. It will take time but we want to do this the right way. We will still post updated information about...
  19. boldpaste2

    Puzzle With Objects That Manipulate Other Objects

    Puzzle With Objects That Manipulate Other Objects Introduction Hello, I was working on my commercial project when I created a basic yet complicated puzzle that I wanted to share with you guys. Basically, the puzzle involves objects that manipulate other objects with variables and conditionals...
  20. boldpaste2

    Script to add subcategories in battle menu

    I am wondering if there is a script out there that would add subcategories to the battle menu. I attempted to make it through a common event without scripting but it doesn't work all to well. I also searched the web and couldn't find anything on it. Basically I am trying to do this... When you...

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