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  1. Kirri

    Dash through

    Hello there, Is it possible to make it so that when the player dashes, it can go through event BUT cannot go through impassable tile?
  2. Kirri

    [VX ACE] Exit Menu, Delete Actor

    Hello there, I'm not really good in scripting so, is there a way to delete an actor from the party every time I exit the menu screen using scripting?
  3. Kirri

    One common thing your characters share with you?

    Are the characters of your game(s) based on you? Whether it's what you want to be, what you are, or what you want to get rid of? I feel like no matter how hard you develop your character, unless you work with other people, all your characters will have some part of your own personality. In my...
  4. Kirri

    Best Way To Promote Your Games?

    Hello, What do you guys think is the best/better/good way to promote your games? :kaoslp: Or maybe to attract people to your game without them leaving just after seeing your game page?
  5. Kirri

    Use of Fairy Tales in my game? Copyright?

    Hello, :kaohi: I just have a question. I'm planning to use some concepts of Fairy Tales in my game. For example, the red cape from Red Riding Hood and the wolf imitating the grandma. Will I get copyrighted? I won't actually use the actual names like Pinocchio, Cinderella or so on though. Here...
  6. Kirri

    RMVXA Your character in my game!

    Hello! :kaohi: First of all I don't know if this is the right forum to post this, so I'm sorry in advance. So, what is this about? = I want to add side story/side quest to my school game 'IMAGINE'. I also need to make the background characters different from each other to prevent clones anyway...
  7. Kirri

    [RMVXACE] Centering Text.

    Hello! :kaohi: I'm wondering how to align center the text in the dialogue. I am aware that there is/are already message system that include this, but I'm already using Khas Message System, so it's incompatible with the other message system. When I turn off Khas Message System, I need the text...
  8. Kirri

    An English Question.

    Hello! :kaohi: So, many people use annoying as in "Eric annoying Roy". But I think the correct is "Eric annoys Roy". But there are too many people using annoying like that. Now I'm not sure. Which one's the correct one?
  9. Kirri


    Hi! :kaohi: I'm so bored and doesn't feel like continuing my project for today. :kaoslp:But that's not the point. I'm here just to share my inactive SCRATCH account. You know... that website that let you create projects really easily. :kaoblush:I'm not active in that site anymore though...
  10. Kirri

    RMVXA What do you expect in a fantasy game?

    Hello! :kaohi: I'm currently working on a fantasy genre game. With monsters and stuffs. But... something feels empty. So, I'm asking you guys, what do you expect to see in a fantasy game? Thank you - smhaaokir
  11. Kirri

    Game In Development?

    Hello! :kaohi: So, I'm about to post my game in the "Game In Development" so that I can get feedback and motivations to keep going (currently in Moderated stage). But now that I think about it, would I risk from people plagiarizing ideas and/or stealing art? And if those incident do happen...
  12. Kirri

    RMVXA IMAGINE: Roleplay Club

    Engine: RPG Maker VX ACE Genre: Fantasy, Combined Genre with School Theme! Progress: 19% (Current Gameplay time: Approximately 30 minutes) Download DEMO now: [/spoiler] - Phone Menu System - Skill Buy with IDEAS - INDIVIDUALITIES SYSTEM [/spoiler] I'm very open to all...
  13. Kirri

    Not responding...

    Hello! :kaohi: I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace. Just bought it from Steam. When I play it from the folder itself (RGSS3 Player), it worked. But when I playtest, the program starts to show "Not Responding...". I appreciate the help - smhaaokir
  14. Kirri

    Player naming the protagonist.

    Hello smhaaokir here! :kaohi: I'm currently working on a game called 'IMAGINE'. So, I'm curious if people would prefer to be able to name the main protagonist for individuality or not and make the main protagonist to have his own personality? :kaoslp: Thank you - smhaaokir
  15. Kirri

    Select Thumbnail... Invalid?!

    Hello! :kaohi: So I made an image and converted it into bmp file. When I try to select thumbnail, it says "Please select a valid BMP image." On the other hand, I don't even know what the thumbnail is about. Is it the game icon or something?:kaoswt2: I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace btw. Help me...
  16. Kirri

    Are school-themed games boring?

    Hello, smhaaokir here! :kaohi: So, are school themed games boring? Most, if not all RPG Maker games with school theme are horror. I'm a fan of Persona series, Mana Khemia and a lot of not-so-similar games. I'm currently working on a school game myself and it's not horror and I'm really...
  17. Kirri

    I'm smhaaokir!

    Hello there!:kaohi: I'm smhaaokir. First of all, I'm not really new, I had used RPG Maker since I was like, 10? But I was so young, too young I should said, to access the forum. Well, I'm still pretty young at 16 years old, but I wasn't that active with RPG Maker in those 6 years. Currently...

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