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  1. Jrrkein

    RMMZ Enemy starting to glitched out

    Is it just me or the enemies in my project suddenly change appearance from a snake to a slime after the turns is over, also I didn't put any event commands in the troop pages and it suddenly changes. After Before I'm using VS plugins The enemy ID that was from troop is 3 and the one changed...
  2. Jrrkein

    RMMZ Little help with VS battle core targetting

    Is there a way around this, I'm going to make a skill that you can't target unless enemy is affected with certain states or specific states. Also I'm not javascript genius on how to make it work with this NOTETAG <JS Targets> code code targets = [code]; </JS Targets> I was wondering...
  3. Jrrkein

    Generic Skill Name Here

    When comes to making skills for your monsters or heroes, how creative are you with making a skill with a eye catching name or just plain ol fire I or II. Do you ever have a roadblock when comes to make a skill name in your project
  4. Jrrkein

    ABS/Sideview/Front View

    What battle system do you use for your games? Either it's the classic front view, face turn base active time or simply real-time like those zelda games.
  5. Jrrkein

    Oopps it broke!

    Would adding somesort like equipment durability to the game would impact something for the player to keep an eye on their prized equipment; let's say a sword with +5 attack stats, but have durability on them and it nearly broke just say took many hits until it's nearly broke and let's say the...
  6. Jrrkein

    End-Game Predicitions

    Do you ever think what's your end-game vision for your game be like e.g. final boss, how many gold/currency player accumulated through out the game and the story as well their final stats going to be with all the equipment (preferably best gears for end-game bosses/final bosses) or you just go...
  7. Jrrkein

    RMMZ Item Durablity

    I know there is one for MV (But not knowing when VS going to port item durability to MZ). The request is exactly the same function as Equipment Durability for MV. Each equipment will have durability points and some can be infinite means doesn't broke down once it's reach 0, A gear or equipment...
  8. Jrrkein

    HP increasing equip doesn't work

    Ok so I was making a accessory that have a HP parameter change, but when play test things and I equip it, the HP of an actor that I equipped with said accessory doesn't change one bit. Yes, you can see I already put the setting of the equip in the database just right Yet, I play thoroughly to...
  9. Jrrkein

    Stats Growth vs Stats Distribution

    Stats growth something that most or other rpg that class stats will increase basely on their build, Stats distribution given points where player can choose which stats they want to focus or increase by paying points as a cost to increase said stats. Is there really a pros and cons from leveling...
  10. Jrrkein

    RMMZ Crafting System Request

    So what I'm looking for or possibly a port from MV to MZ is a Crafting System basically when you mix 2 items in order to make a new one. You can implement crafting level system, learn recipes from items or NPCs (plugin command or script call) even not have any leveling system and just basic...
  11. Jrrkein

    Too many CHEST is it a good thing?!

    Does placing too much treasure chest in a map is a bad or good thing? When I start making maps I usually put 1 chest from spefic map and another, and another on different map also each of them have treasure consist of healing items and gold often equipment, often times I put a locked chest...
  12. Jrrkein

    Flare Collection: Currencies

    While back ago the user DarknessFalls who made a plugin called Flare Collection: Currencies it was available until he deleted his github also delete his forum account entry thus his plugin is nowhere to be found. If anyone still have it, please share it or upload it
  13. Jrrkein

    When did you start RMing and what software you use first time?

    Title. It was wayback ago when RM2k3 or RM2k was out, where everything was first side-view without much versatility and lack of self-switch.
  14. Jrrkein

    Making skills that requires "Shield" equipped (using yanfly)

    Is there a sorta javascript notetagging that makes a skill requires the actor to have and a shield equipped. I am not a javascript genius and I appreciate if anyone give a hand.
  15. Jrrkein

    Little help with a paid plugin

    I got a problem with item concoction plugin
  16. Jrrkein

    Little Help with Olivia Octopath Battle Plugin

    I have Olviai octobattle system and the sideview UI as well the menu overlaps the third battler (if not active) and forth battler even the interface overlaps them if they are not in active. Is there I way to prevent them from overlapping eachother and here is the setting if you asked
  17. Jrrkein

    GS Quest System

    Im trying to make a conditional branch to see if party already activate a quest, but it seems doenst work as it just automatically think the quest is active (as true) while there no quest activated it yet. I want to hinder a progress until player accept or activate the quest...
  18. Jrrkein

    Yanfly's enemy HP + Absorption Barrier

    Here's the list of plugins i'm using and octovia is below, also don't say put this plugin in x order to y order because I did that. So when test play the gray shield is not visible during battle (This applies to both enemy and the actor). I can't get them to show up. Is there any fix
  19. Jrrkein


    I'm using this plugin but when I test play with this plugin, I got this error
  20. Jrrkein

    Put a Cooldown on <Instant> notetagged skills

    Is there a way to put instant skills after use to a cooldown, it can't seems to make a work and the skill keep being usable

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