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  1. TeazYou

    Understanding battler animations

    Aaaah thank to both of you, that is precious information <3
  2. TeazYou

    Understanding battler animations

    Hello, I am struggling to understand the battlers animation frames. On the 9x6 grid of a battler tileset, for what I can understand, Each group of 3 sprites is one animation, starting from top left and moving to the right, I guess that there is some animation for each weapon type, also for some...

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I feel QSprite for MV is underrated. I basically am able to use my chibi sideview battlers I drew on the maps and have all the motions available. this'll help a lot with cutscenes.
I've figured out how to reasonably tall-ify chibi sprites on my editor. I like that making tall sprites gives me control on expressing how tall characters seem on the field relative to each other as well as better differentiate adult sprites from child sprites.
doing some wacky experimental stuff in MV right now :kaoluv: I cannot wait to drop what I've been working on
Doing RPG Maker News for this week. (January 14th - 20th, 2022)

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