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  1. redmedved2

    YEP Item synthesis as main crafting plugin

    Thanks a lot, I found it and it works well.
  2. redmedved2

    YEP Item synthesis as main crafting plugin

    Hi, I'd like to clarify some things about Yanfly's Item synthesis plugin. The plugin allows you to collect different crafting recipes around the world and then craft things with these recipes. But the main problem I think is that in the crafting menu there's always all categories of...
  3. redmedved2

    How do you set the time system

    I'm sorry I can't show you how the time event works because the editor is not in English, but it's quite simple. Every 225 frames the game adds +1 to the variable "minutes". If "minutes" >= 60, then +1 to the variable "hours" and the minutes are reset. If the variable "hour" >=24, they are...
  4. redmedved2

    How do you set the time system

    I created a time system in my game that allows you to add many different features, such as dynamic change of lightning, time-based events and more. The event works quite simply, it's a parallel common event where 225 frames equal one game minute, and the game day is 1 hour and 30 minutes. But...
  5. redmedved2

    Crash to desktop

    Thank you, I'll try. I was also thinking about properly cutting this track, then it won't have repeating components, and the repetition will be done in the game itself when the song ends. I won't cause a problem if I just remove half of the track, will I? I want to do this to reduce the size...
  6. redmedved2

    Crash to desktop

    The audio itself I modified using Sony vegas. I cut out some parts of the original composition and duplicated fragments. At the time of creating this I had not yet thought about the fact that you can not duplicate fragments to stretch the audio, but just insert a single fragment, which will loop...
  7. redmedved2

    Crash to desktop

    I have received a lot of feedback in my game that at some point the game just crashes and shows this error: [1105/] WinHttpCrackUrl: The URL does not use a recognized protocol (0x2ee6) The problem is that not every players experienced that error...
  8. redmedved2

    Dialogue system

    In my dialogue system, there are many character events and for each one there is a variable that defines its dialogue. By default, the characters have dialogue variables equal to zero. But as you progress through the story, different variable values can be assigned to characters in quest events...
  9. redmedved2

    How to shorten words

    Indeed, I hadn't thought of that. Maybe I can actually do it that way, thanks for the idea.
  10. redmedved2

    How to shorten words

    That's... nice, I think. Doesn't seem like such a difficult topic anymore.
  11. redmedved2

    How to shorten words

    I wanted to sort the spells in my game somehow because there are 8 magic types, but since some are just really long, they all need to be standardized. So I decided to shorten them to 3 letters, but are there any rules for shortening words to 3 letters? I have no idea. Here's list of types...
  12. redmedved2

    RMMV Help making sure an item is not consumed in less special conditions are met

    This is the first time I've seen this plugin (I've actually been looking for something like this for a very long time and thank you so much for showing it to me), but the plugin page has a tutorial, in which the item has only one effect and says that if the conditions for this effect are not...
  13. redmedved2

    Respawn similar events once per game day.

    Unfortunately, I can only show it in Russian. 225 frames are one game minute. When minutes stacks more than 60, the game adds +1 to the hours variable and resets the counter. When hours stacks more than 24, the game adds +1 to days and also resets the counter. With 225 frames as a minute, the...
  14. redmedved2

    Respawn similar events once per game day.

    There are mechanics in my game that allow you to collect different herbs to use in crafting. In fact, these are similar events scattered around different locations, and when you interact with them, you get one flower and the event disappears. But the game has a dynamic time change and all...
  15. redmedved2

    I just don't know why, but it's funny. [ATTACH]

    I just don't know why, but it's funny.
  16. redmedved2

    I have a separate document where I write down interesting tricks from different plugins, how...

    I have a separate document where I write down interesting tricks from different plugins, how they can be used and how the different mechanics of the game work. I created it for the reason that I have this thing when I draw game art/write the dialogues for a month, and then I enter the game...
  17. redmedved2

    Show messages without restricting the player's actions.

    I use the YEP picture common event plugin. It displays an image in the corner of the screen, clicking on which shows/hides certain statistics. But the problem is that while the dialogue box is displayed, even if the event is parallel, the screen is blocked and you can only click to scroll...
  18. redmedved2

    RMMV Adding one stat to another

    Yes, it's tricky because of how Yanfly plugins work. This code won't work with the passive states because Yanfly passive states are actually not applied or removed from characters for whatever reasons. They appear silently and just as silently disappear. I've tried different custom effect shown...
  19. redmedved2

    RMMV Are these possible with Yanfly plugins?

    To do everything you described you need a basic understanding of JS. Not knowledge, just an understanding of how things work. I like your ideas and I'm sure you can do everything with these plugins if you want to, as they give you all the tools you need. First of all, I advise you to take a...
  20. redmedved2

    Transferring dialogues from a document

    It's a default option. And quite a useful one.

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