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  1. Mimironi

    Floor-by-Floor Temporary Stat Penalty?

    Hello! I've been thinking about a side project, and was wondering how a specific mechanic like this would sound: So, let's say you have a total of 12 playable characters, but you can only have 3 in battle at a time. The game is formatted like a dungeon crawler, & the goal is to reach the top of...
  2. Mimironi

    Checking Both the User and Target of an Item or Skill?

    Hello! I'm unsure if this is something that would require an MV-Specific Plugin/Solution or not, so I'm hoping this is the right section. What I am trying to do is increase "bond points" (currently stored in a Variable, but please let me know if there is a better method than variables) between...
  3. Mimironi

    RMMV Tower of the Starblessed

    Note: This game should take about 25-35 minutes to complete. If you find yourself stumped in a fight, use the "x_Battle Walkthrough" text file available in the folder! A short story of two people who have reached the fabled "Tower of the Starblessed"-- home of the rumored “Starborn” and its...
  4. Mimironi

    RMMV Call of the Overseer (Demo Available)

    Do you have what it takes to save a higher being? Of course you do! Now, get to it! ...Not like you have a choice. Summary: Six individuals find themselves summoned into a frigid, unknown land. As they cross paths and band together, they will learn more of this land and why they were brought...
  5. Mimironi

    RMMV Grand Core Release [Demo]

    Defeat an unholy dragon in a holy manner... or not. Summary: Ishtar, a traveling mercenary, has been recently hired to find a specific type of dragon, one that is no longer considered holy or sacred, somewhere in the Crystalline Cave. He must either kill it or somehow bring it back alive. He...
  6. Mimironi

    Having a specific character wait a few turns before reviving.

    *ahem* Hello! ;)  I dont request scripts much, but i've been struggling with this idea I have for an undead character of mine. I'd like this feature to happen exclusively in battle, by the way... Here's my idea: When the Undead Actor dies, he will have to wait a few turns(im thinking three)...
  7. Mimironi

    Mirpono's Artin' Along

    Heyyyy... I was kinda nervous to post this  :blush:  . Now, I draw. A lot. And I used to have an old art thread but then my scanner broke... and the I lost the thread itself... Anyway, this will likely have both traditional and sometimes pixel-art, and by that I mean i rarely try anything...
  8. Mimironi

    Actual Parallax backgrounds?

    Hello! As the title says, I'm looking for some normal parallaxes, because whenever I search for parallaxes, I get parallax mapping tutorials ;._. What I'm really looking for is an area/website that has general background parallaxes available. Thanks :>
  9. Mimironi

    Some adventure concepts

    So I was trying to think of a story for a game, and instead thought of the adventure itself (*ahem*how most adventure games do it) ,and then a few more ideas happened, and I need to know if they'd be... fitting. A less linear adventure rpg? You have a selection of places to go from the moment...
  10. Mimironi

    Falcao pearl ABS >4 party members shown

    I want to use this abs but I also want to have more party members shown on screen (5, actually). Is there a way to do this in the script or would I have to use a 'party adding' script? Link to the script:
  11. Mimironi

    Selling point of a dungeon crawler

    I'm planning on making a dungeon crawler and I thought 'What do people like most about the dungeon crawler genre?' And so I will ask that. Is it the freedom (in some cases) to create your own characters, that you can run around a dungeon collecting money and rare items, the challenging puzzles...
  12. Mimironi

    I do indeed do the art

    (Even though nobody asked if i did draw anyway)But I dont color. Well more like 'dont want to because all i have are colored pencils' Anyway! I get very in the zone when im talking about my characters fighting methods. Anatomy isnt a thing in this drawing.
  13. Mimironi

    The protagonist

    In games, from what ive noticed, there are a few protagonist/ other character combinations. I was thinking of which type I wanted in my game and thought of these 4 Silent protagonist and talkative other members (persona) Silent protagonist and silent other members (etrian odyssey) Talkative...
  14. Mimironi

    Baka to Test/ Linear Battle System Request

    Alrighty... First off, yes, Baka to Test is an anime, but It's got a little battle 'theme' in it that in my opinion, would look nice in a game. And hello! I've never requested a script so I may have forgotten something. So...Here's what I'd like: A turn based Linear Battle system(?) (Not...

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