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  1. RachelTheSeeker

    RMVXA Keeper of the Fog

    Rated R for blood, gore, and plenty of vulgarity Download Locations: Itchio and RPG Maker Network Meet Dana. She's your average, all-American monster hunter living after an arcane apocalypse. Hired to find missing scavengers who'd entered a haunted house, the huntress fox finds her work cut out...
  2. RachelTheSeeker

    Doublehand: More damage with no shield?

    Hey all. Had an idea for something taken from Final Fantasy -- a Doublehand passive, such as the one you see in games like FF5 and Tactics. I have no idea if something like this exists already, but wanted to request if not. If it does, please point me in the right direction? It basically locks...
  3. RachelTheSeeker

    Retrieve Product Key For New Computer? (VX Ace)

    Hey folks. Had gotten a gaming desktop recently, and it's awesome. I'm sure it can run MV / MZ without lagging, lawl But seriously. While I still intend to use VX Ace, I don't seem to have my product key. I bought it on the older version of the site, and can still access my old purchases to...
  4. RachelTheSeeker

    Your Alternate Names For Stock Items?

    Hey again! Sorry to create another thread so soon. I'm inspired by a post-related query by @Ami. He was looking for a different name of a classic Final Fantasy "Elixir" -- an item that restores all health and cleanses status ailments. I take his plight to heart; one of the big things I'm not...
  5. RachelTheSeeker

    How Much of a Skill Resource (MP, etc) For Party Members?

    EDIT: As suggested by @TheoAllen, changed the thread name for a more accurate description. By now, I'm safe to say that I like discussing JRPG theory. Thread about the numeric scale of stats and damage, and what the roles of healers/support characters should be like, inspired this idea. How...
  6. RachelTheSeeker

    Rachel's Art Den

    About time I created a thread like this. I've been a self-taught artist even since I could pick up a pencil. My works have evolved from stick figures, with oval bodies and feet with circle heads and hands, to better stuff than I give myself credit for. As you might guess, I specialize in...
  7. RachelTheSeeker

    Making Cutscenes "Personal": What Do?

    I'm in a rut, and I wanted to ask for some advice for game making for once. I've offered my ideas on game theory insofar as mechanics as of late, and to a degree storytelling. This is probably me hating what I create but like... how emotional is too emotional for dialogue and cutscenes in games...
  8. RachelTheSeeker

    RMVXA A Maned Lioness

    Disclaimer: As per subforum rules, this game contains elements of gender identity (which is sometimes held as political), and mild references to sex and religion. Player discretion is advised. Setting out as an adult into a new village, Raziya the lioness was different from those of the...
  9. RachelTheSeeker

    RMVXA The Painted Knight

    Months after their assault on the Forsaken Isle off the coast of their city, three adventurers come together once more. A dancer turned cleric, a mercenary turned militia, and a magician turned elementalist. Called together by the cleric, her friends know nothing other than the sum they're being...
  10. RachelTheSeeker

    Exact Numbers For A Buff/Debuff?

    Hey folks. I've begun to work on a project again, and had a query to make a certain type of buff or debuff in-game. Because I don't feel the title can convey what I mean, here's an example. Say I'm trying to create an AD&D-esque system for a game. In this case, I'm trying to make buffs and...
  11. RachelTheSeeker

    'Advance' Skill from Final Fantasy 3 (DS)?

    So I wanted to fiddle with something for a skill, but wouldn't know where to begin. What I'm trying to emulate is the skill 'Advance', used by the Warrior from the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy III. What this does is allows the user to attack with twice the normal damage on the turn they...
  12. RachelTheSeeker

    Emote set for Samurai Pack's "Nekomusume"

    Hello, all. As much as I do not wish to ask, I feel I must. I've been wanting to use the "nekomusume" character, from RPG Maker VX's Samurai Resource Pack, as a playable character in an RPG. As such, I've needed a character sprite as well as a face portrait. Though I've found a sprite, I have...
  13. RachelTheSeeker

    [RMXP] Creating a two-handed weapon The script collection features a two-handed weapon script! You can easily disable any scripts in the collection you do not want.
  14. RachelTheSeeker

    Rachel the Seeker's Icons and Sprites (Previously Icewulf7)

    So! It just so happens that I know my way around sprites and frankenspriting, as I'd just recently realized. Probably thanks to my days making sprite comics on a cruddy Tripod site that were so lame they were funny, to be honest. As my talent with frankenspriting improved with me half-arsing...

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