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  1. Byakurent

    Making My First Game - What do I need to do to run an efficient dev team?

    Oh my goodness, I just realized I posted in the wrong area, could someone move it to General Discussion or something? I don't know what to do, I'm so sorry!
  2. Byakurent

    Making My First Game - What do I need to do to run an efficient dev team?

    Hey guys, what's up? Sorry I haven't been around in ages (or, frankly, at all), I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues both IRL and just with myself in general. I hate to seem like one of those people that only come around when they need/want something. I want to get over my social...
  3. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    I'm not currently looking for artists because I'm still trying to develop the plot/characters themselves and generally figure everything out. I just...don't know how to go about it, I guess. And I don't know how to ask for help either. sorry i can't word properly, it's midnight and my brain...
  4. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Oh, big yikes, I actually forgot this was even a thing. To be honest, I thought I'd be banned or something for making one or two posts self-advertising my project and then leaving. I'm, uh...not exactly the best at social interaction, as you can see. Anyhow! I guess it's fair to provide some...
  5. Byakurent

    Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    OH BOY AN UNPOPULAR OPINIONS THREAD GET YOUR SALT SHAKERS READY - Fanservice just needs to just stop. A little bit of it here and there is fine, but unless you're trying to poke fun at the idea of cute anime girls in skin-tight "armor", it's really not necessary. - Speaking of fanservice, I...
  6. Byakurent

    A story behind your avatar

    Oh boy, one of these things! Personally, I've been a huge fan of Touhou Project for about 8 years now. Its basically one of those "ride or die" fandoms that you're practically stuck with for the rest of your life. My favorite character happens to be Miko, to the point where I briefly (and by...
  7. Byakurent

    TRADE Welcome to the Lorelei Project! (Angel/Demon themes)

    As much as there's not much I can do to help, I seriously love this idea and I definitely wanna check it out once it's finished! Good luck!
  8. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Oh cool, can I see a sample of your art? Personally, I'm looking for more of an anime-esque artstyle, but I don't wanna force you to stray too far from your comfort zone. (And also, we already have two artists on board, but I don't wanna place all of the burden on them, plus we're not exactly...
  9. Byakurent

    FREE [RPG Maker VX Ace] Partnership Game Development

    Wow, your music is actually pretty cool! While music/coding isn't our top priority as of right now (we're still focusing on character/plot development, but writer's block is a pain), we'd still offer you a place on our team! If you're interested, feel free to check out the page for the project...
  10. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Holy crap, that's actually really cool! As much as I prefer an anime style, I don't wanna pressure you too much. Do you have any sort of samples with more of an anime vibe?
  11. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    A mapper would be nice, but I don't quite have the maps/tilesets ready yet. I'm still working on the plot, so I don't have all the locations and whatnot ready to be mapped. We still very much appreciate the offer, though! Feel free to come to the server if you want, just message me and I'll give...
  12. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Actually, I have a question. It won’t be a while until I release a demo of the game, but once I do, would I make a threat about it in the Games in Development forum?
  13. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Yes, I'm always looking for more writers. I really appreciate and enjoy what others have to say about so-and-so idea, even if I struggle a little with constructive criticism. I'll send you a link to the Discord chat!
  14. Byakurent

    Looking for gametesters

    Psst, if you still need a tester, PM me. The game looks promising so far.
  15. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Oooh, that's actually pretty cool! While we already have a composer and composers aren't one of our priorities right now anyway, we still appreciate the offer and I'll gladly consider getting a hold of you once we're ready to move onto that stage! If you want, I can still invite you to the...
  16. Byakurent

    FREE Offering Writing Skills

    Hello! While I don't exactly need help with the dialogue as of right now, I have been struggling with developing the characters and plot, and we're always open to more writers (and team members in general)...
  17. Byakurent

    The Red Letter [ r p g h o r r o r ] Team needed!

    Not sure how I'd be able to help, but I just wanted to voice my support for the project. Looks very interesting so far. Good luck!
  18. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Alrighty, I'll give you the link! Thanks for offering to help!
  19. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Oh, that's pretty cool, actually!
  20. Byakurent

    FREE Malachite (Needed: Writers and artists)

    Wait, how similar are we talking? The whole witchcraft concept?

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