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  1. 8-bit Adventures

    Caethyril's MZ Plugins

    I tried loading it before and after and ended up with the same result (it was also affecting not just Escape, but other skills that targeted User or Allies, weirdly enough). I'm using OnUseEffects for targeting/selection control, which the Visustella team has said they have no plans to do. A bit...
  2. 8-bit Adventures

    Caethyril's MZ Plugins

    I just ran some more tests with a fresh project, and it seems to be a conflict with their Battle AI plugin. Plugins installed: VS Core Engine, VS Battle Core, VS Battle AI, CaeOnUseEffects I set up a battle test using the default goblin enemy, but added Escape and removed all other skills. On...
  3. 8-bit Adventures

    Caethyril's MZ Plugins

    The OnUseEffects plugin seems to prevent enemies from using escape-based skills? At least when used with Visustella plugins.
  4. 8-bit Adventures

    Yanfly Plugins Requests

    If possible, I'd like to request an extension to the Subclass plugin that allows you to restrict a subclass to certain primary classes via notetag. For example - an Assassin subclass could be available to a Ninja class and a Thief class, but not a Mage class, with a notetag like <subclass to: x>...

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