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  1. Change developer tool key command

    It is not a key bind related issue it least from what i can tell...on line 381 is where the key bind is set to 123 which is f12. I have tried changing this to key code to 121 which is f10 and no luck. It seem according to the plugin the game is not running in play test mode thus the...

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I can't stop buying resource packs I'll never use, or engines for that matter, or free resources as my two terabyte external will attest. I am a digital hoarder I guess. Some people get drunk off the silly juice when they are bored, I just buy shiny digital nonsense I don't need.
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I did a video review on Psychronic Games' Star Shift Origins, as they did a review on my game.
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can someone show me how to play movies in RPG MAKER MZ?I don't know how to insert a movie

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