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  1. slimmmeiske2

    Use animated pngs?

    DSLC There's a couple of tutorials that go about installing plugins: If you need more help, please start a new thread.
  2. slimmmeiske2

    Missing Character Generator assets?

    Are you sure you haven't any generator DLC installed? I just checked, but my facial marks only go up to 7.
  3. slimmmeiske2

    whtdragon's tilesets addons, fixes and more!

    @MidnightBlaize You need to right-click on the image and pick "Save as".
  4. slimmmeiske2

    Another issue..

  5. slimmmeiske2


    Resource Requests This request is for MV. Hiddenone has a SV battler of the Darklord.
  6. slimmmeiske2

    Error Your browser does not allow to read local files.

    @owokambo Please make a new thread instead.
  7. slimmmeiske2

    Battle faces not updated

  8. slimmmeiske2

    How to redownload VXACE on different laptop

    Just fill in 00000 or something like that.
  9. slimmmeiske2

    To be or not to be: PC or Mac?

    There is no standalone version for Mac, so Arthan is correct that Steam should have auto-updated it (unless you have turned that setting off). The .exe file is for the Windows stand-alone users.
  10. slimmmeiske2

    How to redownload VXACE on different laptop

    If you contact support, they can look in their database for your key.
  11. slimmmeiske2

    (Bug) after and event player can't move

    Have you checked the passabilities of the outside tiles? Make sure that they're passable. Can your characters still turn around, just not move? If you can't turn, it's likely an autorun event blocking you. Regardless, you're going to have to provide some more information.
  12. slimmmeiske2

    Generator Resource Query

    Resource Requests
  13. slimmmeiske2

    You can't until you have made a post and have it approved. Which you have done now, so you...

    You can't until you have made a post and have it approved. Which you have done now, so you should be able to change it in your settings.

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