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  1. Innate Element Damage Boost

    So, I have in mind for my game something akin to the STAB bonus in Pokemon. For those unaware, STAB was where if a Pokemon used an attack of it's own type (element) it would get a damage boost. I'm looking to do something like that, because each actor in my game will have an innate resistance...
  2. Yanfly Battle Engine Ace Without Hud

    Probably an odd request considering how most people loathe the default battle system and its lack of pop, but with what I've got going, with a Sideview Battle System with a lot of action on the screen, I find the portrait hud to be A) too eye catching B) doesn't compliment all the action on...
  3. A Graphic Change Script Functional with Symphony + Holder

    So, I am in the process of creating a project where two of the big pieces are Battle Engine Symphony, and Holder-style sprites. I am planning to have multiple transformation states, wherein one actor switches to another, gaining new skills, stat boosts, etc. And while I have the mechanical part...

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