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  1. Squall-Leon81

    Change Party Size

    Indeed it is. This is Flik from Suikogaiden, thanks again.
  2. Squall-Leon81

    RMVXA Suikogarden *DEMO* Suikoden-inspired rpg

    Ok I have played your game. Well, the graphic is good, mapping is good too. It resemble a lot Suikoden series, but there is one thing, who left me completely stun and I'd like to ask a question about this part. The game is a demo and in the final version will start like this or you are going to...
  3. Squall-Leon81

    RMVXA Suikogarden *DEMO* Suikoden-inspired rpg

    Absolutely yes. I'm so sad you will not finish the project. Hope in future you will put an end to your hard work. I let you know my impression as soon as I play it for sure. If I find it very beautiful I will stress you to complete it forever. I let you know this. :LZSrasp:
  4. Squall-Leon81

    Change Party Size

    Thank you much appreciated. You know what? As soon as I wrote here i found the soluction, opening the file .js with notepad and change some strings. Before it doesn't work and now I have done two rows like Suikoden game. I don't figure out how it was possible, but your suggestion was easier...
  5. Squall-Leon81

    RMVXA Suikogarden *DEMO* Suikoden-inspired rpg

    Wow a Suikoden based game. I'm so interested in it, even if I come here with months of late. Well I'd like to play it, but I just want to know, if there have been progress or you final complete the game. Let me Know, because I prefer to play a final version than a demo. If not I want to play the...
  6. Squall-Leon81

    RMMZ More than 4 Party members in SVaction Position plugin?

    I have the same problem and I know you have to add in the script of the plugin the text for character 5 and 6, but even if so, I cannot change the position of the 5° and 6° character in the party.
  7. Squall-Leon81

    Change Party Size

    Hi, sorry to bother you, but I found this post about team size in rpg maker mz and I downloaded the plugin you suggested for order the actors in battle, using the one of visustella for party size number. The problem is that even if It shows 6 characters in the battle screen with success, I...

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