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  1. Quasi ABS

    is there a transformation based on what skills you used ??  like a bar that shows the amount of skills keep using ....  and if the bar is full you transform it does not depend on if you want to use it it do not have to be apart of a bs .....
  2. hello game- rpg maker 2003

    also this game has alot of bugs ...................
  3. hello game- rpg maker 2003

     this game made in 1 week but give me feedback       do not be nice or worry about be nice
  4. hello game- rpg maker 2003

    This is my video game I made , I know it is not quality , it was made in 1 week;) And I am sorry if it is to hard ;( , I do not know the monster ability because they are on default and  max levels are low , because by default the experience is too much to reach level 99  ( 1 quadrillion...
  5. colorblind

    RMMV like invert colors of entire graphics patllete ..... like a mode in the options menu which change the entire color arrangement z-z just change color of everything
  6. colorblind

    how to make colorblind script lot of ppl colorblind and many games do not support z-z i am not tho
  7. Hello from a writer!

    can i see skills
  8. Quasi ABS

    good job , it is over 1000k lines i wish i could write something as great as this too T_T
  9. Happy Holidays 2015

    okay, learn javascript and c++ rpg maker mv okay , the script database in the files of games also if u dont like rtp u can replace it

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